Lucky Seven

Sexy Pinball Art That Isn’t Sexist

Women are, historically, the undisputed star of pinball machines. This doesn’t speak to a political sensitivity to pinball culture, but rather to the unique mechanic of storytelling and purpose of the art featured on the machine.

Strip Club Office-For-A-Day

Have you ever seen those movies with guys in formal suits, their neckties slightly loosened getting an eye full of gyrating strippers while conducting a business meeting? A colleague and I started to wonder what the allure would be, if the practice is still prevalent and if it would even be possible to have a productive business day inside a gentlemen’s club. So it was decided that we would spend a workday immersed in T-n-A.

What You Should Know About HPV- From Someone Who Has Been There

Those are three rather harsh letters strung together to signify a virus, which although is common, is still looked down upon by modern society. There is a stigma attached to HPV, one I personally did not know existed until I publicly admitted that I had it.

Lovely Lorena

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Legionnaires’ Disease: A History of US Outbreaks

At the end of July, news broke that four people are dead and 65 others have been hospitalized from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the Bronx. But what exactly is Legionnaires’ disease, and why should the rest of us be worried?

Cecil the Lion and the True Cost of Trophy Hunting

Right now the world speaks in collective outrage over the death of Cecil the lion. So before popular opinion shifts to another topic, let’s take a look at the controversial practice of big game hunting and its environmental, social and political impact.


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Staying Connected, Getting More Disconnected

Just over a decade ago, the question used to be: Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? Now, the question seems to be: Why even bother, when you can get the whole herd on Tinder? While the playing field has never been bigger, the chances of finding “happily ever after” in the digital age may have gotten a whole lot smaller.