Cecil the Lion and the True Cost of Trophy Hunting

Right now the world speaks in collective outrage over the death of Cecil the lion. So before popular opinion shifts to another topic, let’s take a look at the controversial practice of big game hunting and its environmental, social and political impact.


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Staying Connected, Getting More Disconnected

Just over a decade ago, the question used to be: Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? Now, the question seems to be: Why even bother, when you can get the whole herd on Tinder? While the playing field has never been bigger, the chances of finding “happily ever after” in the digital age may have gotten a whole lot smaller.

Sex and Sugar: Too Many Sweets Can Kill Your Libido

Most people actually consume two types of sugar on a regular basis: naturally occurring sugars like those found in fruits, and processed sugars like artificial sweeteners. Between the two, it is all that added sugar that contributes to the majority of health problems and cause a number of complications that can impact sexual performance when taken in large doses.
Lucky Seven

Sexy Pinball Art That Isn’t Sexist

Women are, historically, the undisputed star of pinball machines. This doesn’t speak to a political sensitivity to pinball culture, but rather to the unique mechanic of storytelling and purpose of the art featured on the machine. The backglass of a pinball machine attracts you by offering you the chance to participate in a fantasy. Sometimes these fantasies are benign, other times they have a pointed sexualization that borders on malice.
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Susan Scott

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Sowing the Suds of Civilization: Why Beer is Humanity’s Best Friend

The golden liquid has become such an ingrained part of American tradition that it is hard to imagine life without it. Apart from being a social lubricant, beer helped give birth to civilization, played a huge part in the building of the pyramids and the founding of America, helped discover the New World and defeat the Nazis, and even provides us with surprising health benefits.

Why Monica Lewinsky is My Role Model

It is no easy feat to be in touch with what you want and know how to get it. It takes strength, courage, and maybe a superhero cape to stop letting your self-worth be decided by other people. Monica Lewinsky stepped into her superpower by using her own story to spread awareness about slut shaming, double standards and online bullying.