adahlia 4Interview with VIP Adahlia Cole

Age:  29

Hair Color:  My long, silky black hair is styled in the tradition of Miss Betty Paige.

Eye Color:  I am frequently told I have the most mesmerizing gray eyes.

Measurements:  I may be a petite 5’2 but my physical landscape is all perfect hourglass proportions (natural 36DD-26-36) and impossibly creamy, alabaster skin that is covered in beautiful illustrations; you can trace the constellations they make like treasure maps for you to follow as you explore my personal topography.

Description:  Physically I am a modern day version of a certain porcelain skinned, fairy tale protagonist who had seven companions. On the inside I am a sweet, intuitive smarty pants full of moxie and sass and am constantly curious. I love learning and spirited debate.

Education:  I finished up my Bachelor’s degree 3 years ago (I’ll be applying to masters programs shortly, after taking a few years off of the education track).

Affiliation:  Independent for the last 3 years

Favorite Activities:  One of the many things I adore about my profession is the time it gives me for my pet projects. I am ethnically Jewish and spent some years living in the South, so I show people I care by feeding them. I am a very good cook! I am most passionate about fine dining and contemporary/new American cuisine as well as traditional French. I have a blog devoted to such things as well as my personal experience in this industry. I also do a great deal of mixed media visual art and collect records and taxidermy. I love going to the museum and the artists who are the current apples of my eye are Monica Canilao, Joel Peter Witkin and Enrique Chagoya. I am a voracious reader (favorite authors include David Quamman, Wade Davis, Christopher Moore, Thomas Pynchon, Jared Diamond and Junot Diaz. I love fiction and nonfiction but lately have been especially interested in books about virology, ethnobotany and anthropology in general. I am a crack shot at the range and love exercising my second amendment rights.

I promise to be the best vacation lady friend or work trip mistress  you’ve ever had!

My profession also allows me to indulge my wanderlust. This year I’ve been able to accompany amazing people to Paris, Bermuda and Costa Rica, not to mention touring major cities across America. I love adding new stamps to my passport so let me know if you need a girl who is erudite and wildly interesting in addition to being a looker. I promise to be the best vacation lady friend or work trip mistress  you’ve ever had!

Favorite Music: I have musically eclectic tastes but especially love hip hop, especially ‘underground’ (for now) artists such adahlia 1as Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs and IAMSU. I also love some indie rock such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Microphones and Mountain Goats, mid 80’s-early 90’s East Bay punk (and things that sound like it) like Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine,  Pinhead Gunpowder, The Ergs, Drunken Boat and Banner Pilot and old outlaw country in the vein of Hank Sr., Waylon Jennings and Kittie Wells and a lot of soul.

Worst Pickup Line:  Men don’t use pick up lines on me; they are too intimidated! Though I will sometimes have people come up to me and try to look at my tattoos only for me to find out that they just really want to show me theirs as they start peeling off their clothes in public!

Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  I don’t usually get hit on other than the normal cat calls on the street, but once I was recognized from my work in those kind of pictures they make in the San Fernando Valley by a Sheriff In the ER at Highland Hospital in Oakland as I was covered in blood and sobbing hysterically after my ex got shot in a random home invasion. He asked for my autograph. Seriously!

What Approach Works For You:  While I almost always enjoy the time I spend with clients, you can win my heart over by booking an engagement in which we will sit down to dinner or a few glasses of wine first. Cerebral stimulation turns me on more than anything else, so talk to me, tell me about yourself… being able to speak eloquently and knowledgeably is sexier than anything!

Funny Story About A Date:  I don’t really have a funny story or a bad one that I can tell right here, so I’ll just talk about a few of my  favorite dates ever: one of my all-time favorite clients arranged a wonderful overnight in which we went to a performance of Queen of the Night. What a wonderful time with a wonderful man! Also when two of my other favorite clients (a gorgeous couple who became my dear friends) took me to Saison for dinner. I have gone there with clients a number of times but I just love being around them (here’s a little shout to you! You know who you are!). Lastly, I had a client who loved my food blog request that I curate a weekend of epicurean and other corporeal pleasures, which was incredible.

Turn Ons:  My turn ons are respect, intelligence, humor, kindness and generosity. I also loooooove having my back scratched!

Tun Offs:  My turn offs are rudeness, disrespect bad hygiene, rushing, bad communication skills, people who are cheap and those who don’t tip even when I really try to go above and beyond.

adahlia 2Guilty Pleasures:  Guilty pleasure? I don’t feel guilty about indulging in things that I find pleasurable. Although I do love driving my classic 1963 convertible despite its insane gas bill! Also, foie gras and flying first class.

Interesting Story:  I come from a big family with four older brothers who love sports: playing them, watching them, and talking about them. They are all a decade or more older than I and one Sunday when I was seven which happened to be the day of America’s biggest football game of the year, they got tasked with babysitting. After I started throwing a fit about not being able to watch MY show, they asked me what it was going to take for me to leave them alone for the duration of the game. I knew. I was an insufferable foodie even as a child and had been scheming about how to get my parents to buy me caviar ever since I’d heard my mom talking about it (made all the more exciting by her refusing to buy me some… all I knew is that it was expensive and exclusive and even as a first grader, I had champagne tastes) and later looking at pictures in an issue of gourmet. A deal was negotiated. One of my brothers went out and bought me caviar (god knows where and I am sure it was of poor quality) and returned. I looked up at him with narrowed eyes filling with tears and told him he didn’t have the right accouterments (ok so I didn’t use that word, but you get the point). I didn’t actually know what blinis and crème fraiche were but he took me up the street to the market and I picked out my approximation of what I’d seen in those glossy pages. I spent the next four hours painstakingly trying to ration my small jar of fish eggs which I happily enjoyed over cream cheese spread on saltines. I was not a normal mac and cheese kind of kid!

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