amber-1Interview with Amber Golde

Age:  30 years old

Hair Color:  Red

Eye color:  Brown

Measurements: 34DDD

Height:  5’10″


Best Features: I’m an elegant and naturally curvy 5’10, I have vibrant red hair and beguiling brown eyes… and watching me walk will hypnotize you.

Background: I’m a 30 year old woman who was raised with morals, in Texas… I shocked my family when I confessed my new career to them shortly after taking a position at Dennis Hof’s brothel outside of Las Vegas 2 years ago. I worked with Hof a little longer than a year, before I decided it wasn’t working, and moved onto a monogamous relationship. When that relationship ended in April, and hadn’t gotten back on track by May, I jumped at the opportunity to get back into this lifestyle – but without the limitations of Nevada laws…

It’s funny, I had the hardest time choosing what I wanted to do with my life – but somehow all the work and education I’ve had, contributes beautifully to what I do now… I’ve had a varied background, including work as a paralegal, in retail, as a wedding planner… And I’ve had education in Psychology, Communications and Cosmetology… What more could a working girl need, under her belt? 😉amber-2

Favorite Activities: I love the outdoors, from Mt. Sutro to the Sutro Baths – and I have a giant Golden Retriever who makes certain that I enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces that our fine city has to offer.

I also spend a lot of time writing… I’m writing a book on the psyche of sexual deviance – (not a tell-all, don’t worry, it’ll hopefully be more like a textbook) just give me 3-5 years – I’m working on it.

When I’m not in SF, I’m usually at my shared house enjoying the beautiful view from the side of the hill in Studio City… Mostly hanging out with porn stars… lol

Favorite Music: I’m not much of a movie buff, but my spotify is filled with random artists like Banks, Drake, Iggy Azalea, Amy Winehouse and ToveLo… I like music I can relax to…

Favorite Food: I’m vegetarian, so I gravitate towards Indian and Thai foods… Though some sushi restaurants have delicious options as well…

Worst Pick Up Line: I’m not even going to say. But I was in Vegas, and it was incredibly crude… I just don’t respond to crude…

amber-3Worst Place Hit On: At a business conference I attended in support of my mother. While she mingled with her peers, a few eyes were peering in my direction… When she finally made her way back to me, a handsome young entrepreneur had nearly stolen me away! 😉

What Approach Do You Prefer: Slow and steady wins the race! You can go ahead and assume the double entendre, but I just mean that I vibe well with gentlemen who can take a little time to get to know me, and let me get to know them… I think everything is better unrushed, why would I want to rush, when getting to know a sweet new friend?

Worst Date: I was with an incredibly pushy man, and the extent of his pushiness made everything feel forced, and not in a good way! That’s when my expectations increased…

Turn Ons: Candlelight, that delicious smell of light cologne after a shower, success, a strong and steady hand, confidence, passion…

Turn Offs: Spit. I love raunchy porn, with dominant men and sweet submissive girls, but the moment he spits on her, It’s over for me (and not in a good way!). I just think it’s the most disgusting degrading thing… And of course there are other things, but spit is my number one. Eww. Lol

Guilty Pleasures: It’s It ice cream. They’re everywhere in all these cute markets all over the city, and they’re delicious… I can’t notamber-4 eat them!

Funny Story: Not too long ago, I made a bet with one of my #GoldenBoys – and I know I can’t say too much here, about everything that was involved. Basically, though, it was my goal to get him to say the safe word – And his prerogative not to say it. We learned that we’re both incredibly stubborn and rise well to a challenge. Mixed with a cocktail of other things, the next morning was not a happy one… It was the first time I’d caused negative feelings in a friend like this, and I was brokenhearted about it… It took a few days, but we got past our competitive battle – and now it’s time to make up!

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