1Interview with Arden Moon

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’7″

Measurements: 34D-27-35

My round ass and insanely long nipples seem to be infamous.

Background: I have a BS. I am a published author and former print model.  I’ve been an independent companion for over 15 years. 

Favorite Activities: I have a myriad of interest. I have a fun time almost daily at the gym. I love to stream my music and have alone time with my thoughts. I practice yoga or meditation daily. You can find me enjoying live theater to sipping champagne and playing video games at the local arcade bar.  I’m also a bit of an animation/cgi geek. You can catch me at any movie opening week that boast the latest animation, Stop Motion, CGI, or green screen techniques.  All this followed by some amazing sushi is the perfect day.

Worst Place Hit On: Horrible pick up lines are a dime a dozen in Vegas. It’s the timing. You telling me ” you should give me that number” outside of the lady’s room at the club is weak. Especially when you said it to two other women before me. You’re only telling me that you “don’t have enough game to play in this ballpark.” Then you can watch my ass as I keep walking.  1-2

Best Approach:  I own my vain side. If a man hits on me when I’m in my gym clothes and no makeup. I am far more likely to pay attention than when I’m in a tight dress and 4 inch heels. A man who can listen is super sexy. When you listen and can ask an intelligent question regarding an interest or personality trait. It’s a turn on. Exteriors are easy. If you want to make me wet, show me you’re capable of a good mind fuck.

Date Story:The men I see are typically always amazing. I have to say I typically get the biggest laughs with the couples I see. There is just all kinds of personality and sexy, positive energy in the room. You never know what’s going to happen.

One couple from the Bible belt taught me I didn’t know everything. I thought I was going to meet a stuffy, straight-laced couple. I was prepared for the date knowing that I may have to get them out of their shell. After a few drinks they were both almost in my lap. I quickly learned Vegas was their place to escape. Next thing I knew I was with two people literally fighting over me! It was amazing!

Turn Ons: Humor is sexy! A man who has a sense of humor about himself and life is always hot! Who wants to be with someone overly intense and serious all the time. The physical part of any interaction is 1-4just that. The variables don’t change much. The dynamic of the mental interaction is what truly sets the tone. A quick wit is insanely sexy, I get turned on by honesty and getting to know the real you. I love to hear that you were nervous, admiring my photos, or admit to twitter stalking me. I am always open-minded.

It’s a huge turn on to get to try something new. I love the feeling of excitement when you get to try something for the first time with someone. Thinking about how you will go home to replay that in your mind over and over again. It gets me wet just thinking about it.

Turn Offs: My turn offs are simple. Men who are pretentious, that brag about conquests… and saliva. It will never entertain me to sit and listen to what you have or who you’ve been with. I’m living in the moment, so join me. I also never feel the need to have your drool all over me.

Guilty Pleasures: So may guilty pleasures, so little time. Number one is chocolate, of course. Dark chocolate, light, raw, truffles, I could indulge myself til I’m ill. If I can have sex while eating chocolate, even more amazing. Number two, cruising. I’m a Cali girl at heart. Nothing feels better than a beautiful day, pop the top, turn up the bass. If you have a nice open desert road in front, even better. Third, is sensual bondage. Indulging someone in something they have been too afraid to try with someone else is the guiltiest pleasure of all.  

Funny Story: This life style makes me privy to so many crazy stories. I try to focus more on my antics. That way I can respect other people’s privacy. I am very open about my life style. Living in Las Vegas affords me a certain amount of freedom in that area. Not long ago I went to a comedy club with a non-escort girlfriend, whose friend was performing. It seems when people meet me the topic always goes to sex. 1-1After all who better to push conversational boundaries with than a professional escort. Some more friends of his joined before the show. Because Vegas only has two degrees of separation they knew me as well. Picture yourself in a Vegas bar with a personal trainer, Cirque performer, VIP host, established comedian and a professional escort. After the show and a few drinks we find ourselves going out to eat. It’s midnight. There is still a good crowd out for a Vegas night. All I can say is don’t get an animated comedian and a very open adult entertainer together. Before the dinner was over the entire restaurant had a full-blown lesson on the top three ways to give a blowjob. Their lesson included visuals from my comedic partner in crime. At one point demonstrating on a stool how the best positioning isn’t by posting up on one arm. I know if I was not in this amazing life style that whole dinner and a show, with a serious cast of characters, would have never taken place.

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