Ava-1Interview with Ava St. Claire

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Hair Color: Rich espresso

Eye Color: Dark chocolate

Height: 5’3

Measurements: 34B-28-34… A perfect, tiny hourglass

Education: Currently working on my Master’s degree

Years Working: I celebrated my first full year as a professional companion this December!

Interests: Foodie, epicurean, gourmand, chow hound… whatever you want to call it, I’m passionate about all things delicious! Whether filling my home with the scent of simmering coconut curry, searching for the best ribeye steak in town, or delighting in the discovery of a rare, vintage cookbook, I’m never far from a good meal.

Ava-2Favorite Activities: I’m not much for the outdoors, so most of my hobbies are of the intellectual variety. Books, museums, live theater, art galleries… That’s my cup of tea. And in order to keep my dancer’s figure (despite a diet heavy on champagne and creamy pasta dishes), I practice vinyasa yoga or Pilates five times a week.

Favorite Movie: “The Women” with Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford! It’s a brilliantly written comedy with an entirely female cast. It’s sharp and smart and just as good now as it was when it premiered in 1939.

Favorite Music: I have pretty eclectic tastes. Depending on my mood, I like to shuffle through everything from Elis Regina, Chopin, Django Reinhardt, Cabas, to Ella Fitzgerald… I’m all over the place.

Worst Pickup Line: “R u free tonight?” I find it really insulting that they can’t even muster the effort to string together a couple of sentences to introduce themselves.

Worst Place Hit On: While shopping at the grocery store… with my father! It was mortifying for both of us!

Best Approach: I’m a sucker for intelligence. If you can start and hold a conversation without resorting to asking me the same boring questions every other guy’s already asked me… We’re off to a good start!

Ava-3Worst Date: I try not to kiss and tell, but one of the worst dates I’ve ever been on involved a man who spent most of the date loudly bashing his ex-wife and displaying some of the worst table manners I’ve ever seen outside of a kindergarten classroom. By the time he used the tablecloth to wipe his nose, I had had enough! I don’t think I’ve ever left a date in such a hurry.

Turn Ons: Mmm… I love an English accent, a faint whiff of expensive cologne, neatly manicured hands, glasses, a gentle hand on the small of my back as we walk, salt and pepper hair, erotic literature, seamed stockings (on me, not him!), luxurious bubble baths… Ooh – I’m getting myself turned on just thinking about it!

Turn Offs: Men who are overly familiar with me. If we met 30 minutes ago, please don’t call me honey, baby, sweetie, or worse – princess. Another big turnoff is being rude. Not just to me, but to the server, bellhop, driver, or anyone else. Being a decent person isn’t that hard!

Guilty Pleasures: Historical fiction about English queens and princesses. It’s ridiculous, but I’m obsessed with the high drama and pageantry of it all. I’ve also been known to finish off an entire box of baked Camambert Cheese while watching house flipping reality TV shows.

Funny Story: Once, while on a date, my partner and I were getting pretty cozy. Clothes were flying off, Ava-4hands were roaming… When all of a sudden, there was this insistent banging on the hotel door. For a second, we were both filled with dread! I thought it might be his wife, he thought it might be my husband, we both thought it might be angry neighbors, or who knows what. In my hurry to grab a robe and answer the door, I slipped on a pair of panties and went flying, landing in a heap on the floor, completely naked and utterly humiliated. Luckily, the only thing I really bruised was my pride. And that knock at the door? Just a confused housekeeper who thought we had order more blankets!

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