Escort Interviews

VIP Simply Jessica

Jessica is a 22 year old independent VIP companion with auburn hair and hazel eyes. She is 5'4" tall with measurements of 36D-22-34 and her best features include her lips, eyes, face, perfect little ass, sexy breasts, tender nips & pretty waxed muffin. Jessica has been an escort for 4 years and she loves to cook and experiment with food.

VIP Natasha Lee

VIP Natasha Lee is 35 years old, 145 lbs, 5'8" in bare feet and 36C-26-38. She has played in all arenas, started as a hard Domme, but gradually started exploring Tantra and yoga, incorporating bodywork and more deliberate sensuality into her world. She adores being a Dominant but is loving companion.

VIP Bobbi- Bad Bunny

VIP Bad Bunny is is a 30 year old Female Escort of Costa Rican, Irish and Polish descent. She has long, flowing, sable-stained tresses with eyes made up of a spectacular medley of potent green, vibrant grey, and hypnotic blue; alternating shades that come and go as they please. She is svelte and petite. A labyrinth of taut, youthful curves, delicate fair skin, and intriguing works of art. With measurements of 34DD-26-35


Interview with Gretel She is a platinum blonde haired, blue eyed, independent female escort and porn starlet since 2007. Gretel is a petite 5’4" with bombshell curves measuring 34DD-27-45. She loves to travel. She enjoys walking around and exploring new cities. Her absolute favorite cities to visit are Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Gretel always finds people being themselves to be most attractive. There's no need to over think things. She loves cheerful, positive, respectful, and funny people.
Sitara Devi

VIP Sitara Devi

VIP Sitara Devi is an East Indian female courtesan in her 30's with long black hair and big brown eyes. She stands 5’2" at 110 lbs. with measurements of 34C-24-35 VIP Sitara Devi loves to travel. Checking out new cities is one way that she is able to expand and grow as a person. She really enjoys learning about new cultures and the way different people live their lives on our planet.

Ms. Bella Maytresse

Bella Maytresse is a 32-year old female with beautiful long espresso-colored hair, big eyes of the same shade, and a curvy athletic figure with measurements 36D-24-34. She is currently a PhD student in one of the physical sciences, and has been an independent escort for about 2.5 years.

Joy de Vive

Joy de Vive is a 40 year old female escort, with hazel eyes and dark brunette to reddish brown hair. Joy de Vive's measurements are 36D-28-38, 5'3 Joy de Vive best features are her boobs, butt and brains!

Christina O

Christina O is a 36 year old, natural blonde with big blue eyes and great skin. A true lady with a fit curvy shape and legs that go on for miles. She looks stunning in a cocktail dress. Christine is a well-educated blonde bombshell with a warm and caring personality alongside exceptional training and skill.

Chloe Boulez

Chloe Boulez is a long bright copper red haired, big blue eyed, Las Vegas escort. Chloe Boulez has Freckles and dimples when she smiles. She has the body of a slender ballerina with legs that go for miles! Cloe Boulez has a naturally classic Botticelli shape – small perky bosom, tight waist, ample hips and an apple bottom.