chloe-4Interview with Chloe Boulez

Hair:  Long bright copper red hair

Eyes:  Big blue doe-eyes

Description:  Freckles and dimples when I smile.  I have the body of a slender ballerina with legs that go for miles!  I have a naturally classic Botticelli shape – small perky bosom, tight waist, ample hips and an apple bottom.

Favorite Foods:  Though my size zero figure would suggest otherwise, eating is one of my greatest pleasures, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a food I dislike.  From exotic meats – I adore dove, venison, pheasant, and other game meats – to ethnic foods.  The general consensus is simply that I love food.  Spices don’t scare me and I’ve been known to treat myself to anything from the most expensive sashimi platter to a simple Big Mac.

Favorite TV Shows:  I enjoy watching movies and television shows with a bit of spunk – Curb Your Enthusiasm, The League, Arrested Development and Archer are some of my favorites.  Classics that I enjoy are Seinfeld, Friends, Will & Grace.

Favorite Movie:  A bit more difficult, as I tend to have obscure taste and my strict upbringing left me missing out on films that weren’t notable for their conservative bent, Turner Classic Movies, but my more recent favorites include I Heart Huckabees, Marie Antoinette, Factory Girl and of course the cult hit Wet Hot American Summer.

Favorite Activities:  Since my stint in Europe last year, I’ve spent a lot more time focusing my energy on the simple pleasures. I do enjoy cooking and reading.  I have a blog roll so long that it takes me days to catch up on the reading – if I let it slip.  It’s truly enjoyable to sit out in the hot Las Vegas sun collecting new freckles and catching up on the changing landscape of the world around us.  I spend a lot of my time
chloe-1working on various art projects. I knit, crochet, draw, and paint and my home is in a constant state of renovation – it’s the perfect opportunity to express myself!

Favorite Music:  My tastes in music are simple and if you have Pandora you can follow along with my listening here –  I’ve been curating my station based around the band, The Strokes, for over a decade now so it’s rare that a song pops up that I dislike.  Most of the music on that station follows an alternative, indie streak.  My more mainstream music tastes fall in line with the oldies I was raised listening to. Like classic Beach Boys, early Beatles and all the other silly romantic ditties that always serve as a perfect pick me up.

Worst Pickup Line:  Why aren’t you smiling, you are so pretty?  Honestly, I wouldn’t know.  Those who know me in my personal life consistently tease me for my inability to recognize when someone is hitting on me!  Generally I’d say the worst pickup line would be one that isn’t an obvious, polite, unobtrusive comment or question that could confuse me.  Yes I am that ditsy!

Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  Mostly I get street harassed and it seems like this would be a better opportunity to express that when a woman is alone and clearly occupied, do not bother her as you’ll only make her uncomfortable – no matter the time of day but especially if you’re inebriated.  Alternatively, in Vegas it seems appropriate to mention, if you recognize a provider and see her in public, do not ever address her!  You never know who is watching and you put her in an incredibly awkward and actually unsafe position by approaching her. Remember she doesn’t know you, she hasn’t screened you and it’s really intimidating, rude, dangerous, and selfish to think you have the right to approach her simply because you recognize her.  Obviously, I know this because recently I was approached while waiting for a friend to join me for an appointment and it not only made me feel uncomfortable, but I now don’t know that I will ever be comfortable going to that hotel ever again.

chloe-2Approach That You Prefer:  A simple compliment is always best.  My sense of humor is difficult to
tickle unless we know each other.  I’m a rather awkward duckling in public, so it’s best to keep it simple! Tell me my eyes are beautiful!

Worst Date:  He planned a poorly executed second date involving a comedy show that wasn’t funny, an unnecessary arm across the front of my body because he seemed to think I was about to fall into the street (eye roll) and a dangerous walk back to my place that ended in me grabbing my own taxi back.

Turn Ons:  I’m really very simple – a nice man with respect for my time, attention to detail (read my website) and good hygiene is really all that is required.  It’s quite easy, but unfortunately many people in this world rarely give such thought and care to the simple things.  Whether you’re a bigwig or a self-starter, it’s your attitude and presentation that impress me.

Turn Offs:  I find it rude when clients treat me and my services any different than any other professional they deal with.  Like any other business, screening and accepting payment are a simple part of the process and should never be treated as a business measure that can be bent or adjusted for the “right client”.  No one acts surprised when a cashier counts the money or requires an ID to process a transaction and gentlemanly clients follow suit.

Guilty Pleasures:  Chocolate!  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but chocolate is absolutely irresistible to me.  I don’t go for Hershey much, but the simple pleasure of a Snickers can be as delightful as Godiva if the situation calls for it. Like with all foods, I don’t discriminate based on price, but on taste!

chloe-3Interesting Story:
 I’m an absolutely terrible liar.  I’ve never been good at explaining my income to those that aren’t receptive to the adult entertainment industry.  I was once shopping and of course paying with copious amounts of cash and the saleslady knew me from previous shopping trips and I suppose felt comfortable enough to ask the intimate question of what it was I did for a living.  Being around my age, I assumed that she wanted to get in on it as well!  Anyway, instead of the obvious lie that I’m a waitress or a bartender or anything that would explain the cash without raising eyebrows.  I blurted out, “I run a babysitting ring!”  Please don’t ask me what that means, I have no idea.

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