1Interview with Christina O

Age: 36

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Measurements: I have a fit curvy shape with legs that go on for miles. I kill in a cocktail dress!

Description: I’m a lady – I’m a natural blonde with big blue eyes and great skin.

Education:  I’ve gone to great schools on the East and West coast and studied literature, psychology, and interfaith religion. I have over a decade of education in Tantra. I was in the first graduating class of Urban Tantra Professional Trainer from the classic Urban Tantra. I have also studied extensively throughout NYC, CA, and CO. I am attending a Mantak Chia training in June to further my study on Taoist practices – I believe that there is always something great to learn in this field. I am also in school to become a certified coach for relationship and intimacy.

Favorite Movie:  Gosh – my favorite movie depends on what I’ve just seen – I really loved Enough Said, Ruby Sparks, Frances Ha, and Captain Phillips last couple of years. My all-time favorites are Billy Elliot, Lars and the Real Girl and of course The Godfather. I’m excited to see The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend!

Favorite Food:  I love farm-to-table food because it is simple, whole, fresh succulent food that tastes incredible!

Favorite Music:  My go-to loves are The National, The Beatles, The Black Keys, Regina Spektor, Adele, Prince, Cat Power, Iggy Pop and Gogol Bordello.

Favorite Activities:  I am a huge fan of comedy – especially sketch and improve comedy. I love being active – I recently got addicted to You Are Your Own Gym and circus-inspired workouts. I love to explore the great creative happenings that always pop up in NYC. I’ve never seen a Burlesque performance I didn’t like. I’m a big fan of Rockabilly culture – love the clothes, attitude, and music. I really love strolling through little romantic boutiques – be it apothecary, lingerie or kitchen wares. I love fashion and live in my Citizens of Humanity Avedon jeans. As a former dancer it’s also super easy to get me on a dance floor. I love digging into intricate projects – like I’m an expert on patent applications, a former employer was able to fire his patent lawyer because I figured out how to do them for him. I’m amazing at running events that have a lot of moving parts – it’s always a fun challenge to keep it all moving together. I’m also a big animal lover – I do rescue animal volunteer work and people know for my birthday anything with a dog on it I’ll love forever. I’m crazy about books – people loved when I worked at a bookstore because I would literally do anything to find the book they needed. My favorite books are Watership Down, The Corrections, and State of Wonder.

Worst Pickup Line:  A cab driver saying he didn’t blame Bill Clinton for all the women he was with as a President and then he reached back and put his hand on my leg

Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  I think that the cab was also the worst place – it’s tough to jump out!

What Approach Do You Prefer:  I like an honest, respectful, kind approach. I love when people are honest about what they want and respectful and honorable in how to manifest it. The best approach is just being straightforward, positive, and relaxed – trusting the flow and being open to new experiences. I love when people instantly understand the need for screening and feel more secure seeing me because of it – I like when they trust that I only have both of our best interests in mind. With a decade under my belt as a very successful practitioner with a full practice of clients who I’ve seen for years, I have always practiced steel-tight discretion and privacy. So I love when people get that and are happy to do whatever they can to make their session happen really quickly and smoothly. The best way to get on my good side is good-humor, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, fun-loving and treating everyone with equal respect – from the waiter to the coat checker.

Turn Ons:  For me confidence, a whimsical humor, worldly, cultured, down to earth and being a well-3groomed person are turn ons. A big turn on is also a guy who genuinely loves and respects women. I’m turned on by delicious food, great music, beautiful scents, gorgeous fashion and spontaneity. I’m turned on by someone who is low key, creative and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I love Key and Peele, Monty Python, the older SNL – so that type of sense of humor is a big turn on. I also love lingerie and little pretty sexy things – I often fantasize about opening a little lingerie shop.

Turns Offs:  I’m turned off by pushiness or if someone is trying to get something they want in a manipulative way. I love kind, straight-forward conversation. I’m turned off by someone who has to be in control all the time. I’m also turned off by a lack of manners – graciousness and respect are two great qualities in a person. Another big turn off is the lack of personal grooming. Being well scrubbed with nice light cologne will always get major points with me.

Guilty Pleasures:  My guilty pleasures are The Muppets, Flipping Out, Key and Peele, LA Burdick hot chocolate, fine wine, gourmet food shops, a slice of Naples pizza and a really rich brunch that leaves you in a coma for the rest of the day.

Funny Story:  We went to a burlesque dinner club – I got pulled on stage to be the assistant to a performer who stripped and did magic tricks. I had such a blast on stage that people came up to me afterwards thinking I was also a performer in the show.

2Interesting Story:  Many years ago, I backpacked through the UK for 3 months on my own. I did a lot of great work exchange. On one farm I lived in my own little trailer with a pot belly stove in the middle of the woods and learned to grow organic vegetables. Another was a B&B in the middle of nowhere that shared its land with a sheep farmer. The innkeeper at the B&B used an old fashioned hand crank washing machine and taught me to make yogurt. Another was a childcare gig where the guy loved to show me nude pictures of himself – his friend later told me he and his partner were featured in a newspaper about couples who enjoyed naughty alternative lifestyles. When I declined his offers he quickly found a new place for me at his friend’s place that needed help with his huge greenhouse.

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