dd3Interview with Desiree Devine

Age: 32

Hair Color: Currently Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Measurements: 44I – 52 – 72

Background: I am a college graduate and I have been an escort/fetishist for 8 years. I have been making adult movies for 6. I co-organized BBW FanFest in 2012-2013, now in 2015 founded BBWcon.

Favorite activities: In my free time I love to spend time with my friends. We will go out to BBW clubs or gay bars and enjoy letting loose. I also love to swim, go to the movies and spend time by the ocean.

Favorite Movies: I love comedies, my favorite movies include: Wedding Crashers, Steel Magnolias, Practical Magic, Guardians of the Galaxy… I’m all over the place!

Favorite Food: ALL food is loved by me, lol. I love to try something new all the time, but Mexican, Sushi and Lebanese food are in my top 3.dd1

Worst pickup line: Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven, did it hurt? LOL… pickup lines are lame!

Worst Place Hit On: I got hit on while I was in the hospital for 10 days without a shower or even brushing my hair… it was disgusting.

Best Approach: I like a guy to be genuine… just come say “Hi, I’m …” – I’m pretty easy to talk to if you don’t come at me like an ass.

Funny Date Story: One of the most awkward dates I ever went on was one where I could not get the guy to stop licking and sucking on my fingers. He kept asking me if I liked it and even though I repeatedly said “NO!”, he continued to make my fingers soggy. *shudder*

Turn ons: Sense of humor, caring, generous, outgoing, motivated, successful, intelligent, and good smelling!

Turns offs: Poor personal hygiene, bad breath, arrogance, body odor or bitchassness!

dd2Guilty Pleasures: Sex, sex is definitely my guilty pleasure. I love sex and I love it with many different people. Good sex is hard to find, so it seems like an endless search.

Interesting Story: I have done a lot of weird things in my career as a fetishist and one of those things include making people do random things. One of the oddest experiences I had was when a client wanted to scrub my feet with a Pedi-Egg and then eat the shavings… I washed them down by spitting in his mouth and he loved every second of it.

Tell us about BBWcon and how it got started: BBWcon is an event all its own. Founded by me, a BBW model, for BBW models, BBWcon is an all-inclusive convention complete with expo, awards show and parties all in celebration of curvaceous, plus size BBW adult stars, fetish models and webcam performers. BBWcon is a 3 day long event full of size and lifestyle friendly seminars, entertainment and parties that take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. BBWcon unites fans with their favorite stars in a convention setting that allows for the ultimate fantasy experience. With trade show interactions, parties and socials, this is a unique opportunity to socialize with your favorite stars in a totally open and relaxed environment.

BBWcon is an event geared towards fans and BBW industry workers, but also strives to help ALL plus size women and their admirers celebrate the confidence that comes with being a curvy woman today. With seminars for EVERYONE, we explore everything from sexual freedom, facesitting fetishes, all the the way to becoming a successful web model/cam performer and/or XXX Porn Starlet. If you are new to the BBW world or a veteran, this is your opportunity to network and merge the new with the seasoned. Experience and knowledge is priceless, take the time to listen and learn.

BBWcon is truly my long time vision brought to life. This event is absolutely 100% about the patrons. We 300x250_EROSstrive to make this event a MUST on patron yearly destination calendar.

BBWcon came about because there was little to no recognition of our niche in the mainstream adult events. BBW’s used to not even be accepted into certain conventions and trade shows. BBW is a rapidly expanding market and deserves to be recognized and celebrated. I figure if the mainstream events don’t want to celebrate us, we’ll celebrate ourselves!

What do you think is next in BBW porn? As quickly as the BBW niche is growing, I imagine that within a couple of years it will be a much more accepted and respected genre of porn. More and more mainstream actors and actresses are starting to work with BBW’s and Hustler has even started producing a BBW line.

To contact Desiree Devine please visit her profile:


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