fancy 3Interview with Fancy

Age: Old enough to enjoy it, young enough to remember it. (55)

Hair color: Amorous auburn.

Eye color: Mischievous and inviting brown.

Measurements: An Amazonian breath below 6 ft, with 44C twin peaks o’ Ireland.

Best Features: My sense of humor and my, “Oh, what’s she up to NOW?” smile.

Education: I have a degree in journalism and worked in media, communications, and public relations before switching to the more personally filling “pubic” relations.

Background: I cavort with wee wagging woofs, aka Irish Chihuahuas. (I sponsor homeless dogs of all types, actually, not just lap-size models.) I’m also very involved with Renaissance-era reenactments. Some of my other various interests include history, science, costuming, gemology, geology, meteorology, archaeology, anthropology, mythology, and a lot of other “ologies.”

Favorite Activities: Playing with my canines, swimming, dancing (not well, but enthusiastically), traveling, writing, gardening, baking, making jewelry, dining out, concerts, fairs, festivals, amusement parks, and the general exaltation and enjoyment of all life has to offer.

Favorite Movies: Science fiction (particularly the classic bug-eyed mutant/robot/invasion flicks of the Fifties), fantasy, suspense, and adventure.

Favorite Music: Pop, rock, easy-listening, ballads, modern country, Celtic. Let’s hear it for drums and bagpipes!

Favorite Food: I have a widely appreciative palate. I am, however, allergic to strawberries.fancy 1

Worst pickup line: Said to me at a bar while his female friend was in the powder room, “How ’bout you and I go make a ‘me’ sandwich with my girlfriend?”

Worst place hit on: My grandmother’s funeral. (I hope she haunted him.)

Best Approach: Creative, spontaneous, and with a smidgen of wry (but not offensive) humor.

Best date: A very urbane, suave, and debonair Englishman I had been seeing for a few months and I were having a lighthearted debate one night at a greasy burger establishment over a basket of French fries about the culinary origin of the crispy potato dish. (Made funnier by the fact that he was in an expensive suit, I in high heels and a cleavage-baring cocktail dress, our late dinner reservation at a local fine restaurant cancelled by a fire in the kitchen! There wasn’t much open in the area, so we had to make do.) After spirited discussion over American, Belgium, and French claims to the fried potato, we finished our meal and retired to privacy for the remainder of the eve.

A few days passed, and one morning I received a call from the same gentleman asking if I was interested in settling “the vitally important issue we had previously been discussing?” I was a bit mystified. He then inquired if I had a passport, wanted to accompany him on a 4-night “business trip,” how fast could I pack, and could I meet him at the airport by noon? You bet I could! The clothes were flying through the air as I stuffed my suitcase feverishly, and I left a huge mess behind, discarded items spilling from my closet and piled on my bed. I barely made it to check-in, but 12 hours later I was standing on the Eiffel Tower munching “pommes frites,” aka French fries. I don’t think we ever really decided if the French were the progenitor of the snack, but I didn’t care, nor did I care that French girls were ogling my Amazonian Irish-American tootsies in red, white, and blue sandals with green-tipped pedicured toes. They giggled, he translated, and they said I had the largest feet they had ever seen. (Evidently 6-foot robust redheads were a rarity there too.) I responded that I was from Houston, and “Everything is bigger in Texas!”

Best date ever!

fancy 2Turn Ons: Courtesy, intelligence, humor, spontaneity, and kindness to people and animals.

Turn Offs: Rudeness, impatience, and people assuming things not in evidence before all the facts are in.

Guilty Pleasures: Guilt is a useless emotion. I prefer to indulge in pleasure because I deserve it!

Funny Story: Once I visited a fellow who had been joking for days via email and phone about my lovely Fancy heels, saying that my shoes were large enough that he could probably wear them. When he opened the door of his 5-star hotel room, he was in full cross-dressing apparel, red heels higher than mine, stockings, short red skirt, pink corset with red ribbons, wig, make-up, jewelry… He was obviously expecting me to be shocked, but without batting a pretty eyelash, I just said, “Nice outfit! Where did you get it, and does it come in green?”

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