5269a81da01e2_mInterview with Goddess Capri

Age: 32

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 122lbs

Measurements: 34-24-36

Best Features: Goddess Capri von Chic is a female model, actress and professional businesswoman. She is in optimal shape, toned to perfection with curves in all the right places– perfect in every way. Raven-colored Goddess locks of hair, dark-brown (dark enough to lose yourself), seductive eyes, beautifully shaped lips… the list goes on and on. And for you feet fetishers she wears a sexy size 7.

Background: I have a BA is Fashion and working on a MA in psychology/ sex counseling. I1-3 have been in the adult industry since 2012.

Favorite Activities: I am currently lifestyle rockabilly. I listen to rock and roll and I’m obsessed with all things 40s and 50s vintage. I like action movies (anything with fast cars, big guns and things that go BOOM!!). I’m also a sacred intimate (Goddess) so I’m interested in energy works and how it affects our minds, bodies and spirits.

Worst Pickup Line: “If you can find a live dog for the scene, I’m your huckleberry…” YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

Worst Place Hit On: I don’t mind getting hit on, I like flirty, witty conversation but I do despise when someone knows I’m on a date and is overwhelmingly disrespectful by trying to ask me out or slide me their number, gross!!

Best Approach: I like submissive men who do what they are told, no questions asked. I also like men who worship women, after all, that was why we were created.

Date Story: The worst date I’ve ever been on wasn’t because of the ambience or 1-1because of an embarrassing moment, it was because of the conversation. A guy I was ONLY casually dating accused me of “liking him too much” because I told him I no longer wanted to spend so much time with him!?!? I was so irritated but I kept my cool and stayed classy. When I play it back now it’s so hilarious on so many levels. You think I like you because I DON’T want to spend time with you?? OOOKAAYY. On top of that you have the audacity to try to reverse psychology on a psychology major… OOOKAAYY… UUHH Check please!! My response was “Maybe your right, I AM starting to like you too much, which is more of a reason to stop seeing you as much since this is only casual.” I know my classy response caused him a lot more irritation than his egotism was causing me… LOL

Turn Ons: Submission and humiliating men

1-4Turn Offs: BO, men who take themselves too seriously, egotistical men, SAMs

Guilty Pleasures: There are sooo many but at the moment it’s watching porn.

Funny Story: The thing I find most interesting about being a Professional Domme is discovering how many people are actually interested in scat play. I don’t offer it and I clearly state that in my ads but, I swear, it’s my most requested fantasy. I get at least 3 calls a week for that interest and I’m not judging, I understand that I am a fetishers outlet, I just find it so interesting that it is hands down my MOST requested!! Before I started offering this service professionally I would have never imagined that SOOOO many people would be into scat. I’m astounded each week by the number of request.

To contact Goddess Capri please visit her profile:


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