gretel 2Interview with Gretel


Gender: Female

Age: 25

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Measurements: I’m a petite 5’4″ with bombshell curves measuring 34DD-27-45

Affiliation: Independent Escort and Porn Starlet since 2007.

Favorite Activities: I love to travel. I enjoy walking around and exploring new cities. My absolute favorite cities to visit are Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

Favorite Movies: My favorite movies tend to be comedies. I love to laugh! I don’t find myself drawn to anything or anyone that tries too hard to impress. I’m currently obsessed with Korean drama ‘Angels Revenge.’ It’s so dramatic and engaging in a humorous way.

Favorite Music: My taste in music is extremely eclectic. I enjoy everything from 50’s bubblegum pop to disco to hip hop.

Favorite Foods: Like my taste in music, I enjoy a variety of types of food. One of my favorite foods is a Vietnamese dish, Cha Ca La Vong.gretel 3

Worst Pickup Line: I don’t often get humorous pickup lines. But I find it really unattractive when people try to get with you by insulting the company you’re with.

Worst Place Hit On: It’s usually a bad approach or unfortunate timing, rather than the venue. Sometimes, when it’s raining and I wear a baseball hat, I feel like more guys try to chat me up, which seems strange to me, but fascinating at the same time.

What Approach Do You Prefer: I always find people being themselves to be most attractive. There’s no need to over think things. I love cheerful, positive, respectful, and funny people.

Funny Story: I’ve been very fortunate to not have many bad date stories. A funny story is when a gentleman contacted me with an alias but as it turns out, based upon his unusually tall height and some specific details about the start time of his basketball game, I was able to piece together who it was without him actually telling me his real name.

gretel 1Turn Ons: It goes without saying, being enthusiastic, respectful, and generous will always be a turn on. Of course, I love to be generous in return!

Turn Offs: Body odor. Cockiness. Rough hands on my delicate parts.

Guilty Pleasures: Camel toe and bulge spotting. Of course, I also love fancy lingerie and shoes, luxury hotels, constantly traveling. Living my life on my own terms. The Nanny. The Golden Girls. Too many things I could consider guilty pleasures! Yet, none of them I really feel guilty about.

There’s nothing more fun than some spontaneous playtime!

Interesting Story: One time I had a delayed flight leaving Narita Airport, during my time wandering around, I was approached by an admirer who recognized me. Narita is one of my favorite airports because it has day rooms you can rent by the hour, usually used to take a nap or shower after a long flight. After some chatting and flirting, I suggested we rent a day room and have a little fun to pass the time. There’s nothing more fun than some spontaneous playtime!

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