Imported Photos 00022-1Interview with Haley St. James

Age: 29

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color:

Measurements: 34DD, 24, 34

Best Features: Some of my best features is my smile, my eyes, my hair and my all Natural 34DD’s. 

Background: I started in this industry in 2002.  I have a degree in marketing, I speak fluent Spanish and Italian, I’m a trade show model and I’m taking psychology classes at UIC.

Favorite activities: In my free time I enjoy dancing, all kinds of music, traveling, mystery movies, I love seafood, and spending time with friends and family.

Worst pickup line: I lost my number, can I have yours? Seriously!

Worst Place Hit On: The worst place I have ever been hit on while I was waiting in line to use the ladies room at a dance club!

Best Approach: The best line that would probably work with me would be: Hi, my name is (blank) whatImported Photos 00241-1 is yours? Simple, sweet, honest, no games. If it comes of something, great, if not, I always love-making new friends.

Best Date: I once went on a date to a local Fondue Restaurant, where you have to cook you’re own steak, seafood, etc. I have this habit of talking and expressing myself with my hands , and I accidentally flung a piece of lobster from my fondue fork into the lap of the lady sitting next to me (the tables are very close together) I then overheard the lady say to her husband “honey, where did this lobster come from? I only ordered the steak!” Shortly after, my napkin went into the flame which was warming my chocolate fondue which caught on fire, it’s a good thing I had a huge pitcher of water and was able to think fast and submerge the flaming napkin in. It was my first date with this person and happened awhile ago, but, we are still good friends and laugh about! Worst and Best Date Ever! Priceless!

Turn ons: My turn ons are gentleman who have good hygiene, are laid back, have a sense of humor, are thoughtful, with manners, are sweet, and who just live in the moment to enjoy our time spent together and getting better acquainted. I enjoy being playful and cuddling.

Imported Photos 00171-1-2Turns offs: My turn offs are rude people, bad hygiene, and people without manners.

Guilty Pleasures: My guilty pleasures are that I love this industry, traveling, shopping and splurging on myself at times. 

Funny story: Everything was going perfect on this one date. We had a glass of white wine and began to relax and all of a sudden the fire alarms went off and the sprinkler systems came on! I had no idea what to do! It turned out that someone was smoking in the building and I guess threw his cigarette in the trash can, of all things!

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