hayden1Interview with Hayden Hellfire

Gender:  female

Age: 24

Hair: black

Eye Color:  brown

Measurements: My stats are 32B-26-27 and I have been told that my smile and my eyes are mind blowing.

Education and Background: I’ve been a licensed hair stylist for 5 years but a adult film actress for a little under a year! I’ve been filming mostly with Burning Angel!

Favorite Activities, Music: I travel a lot in my free time! I love seeing new places and meeting new people.  I also really enjoy shopping and getting my hair done.

Favorite Music and Movie: I don’t really have a favorite movie or music, I kind of just listen to and watch whatever I like!

Favorite Food: I would die if I couldn’t eat steak at least twice a week.hayden

Worst Pickup Line: “Are you a space woman? Because your ass is out of this world”

Worst Place Hit On: My grandmother’s funeral

Best Approach: A simple conversation, without mentioning you’ve seen my films.

Funny Story: I went out with this guy and he refused to make eye contact with me the entire time, and then made me pay for my half of everything, ew.  I met him on OkCupid of all places…biggest mistake ever. He took me to this nice cafe that has a huge beer selection from all over the world. I have no clue why he wouldn’t look at me but he would talk and stare straight forward. I never talked to him again after that, but he had the nerve to tell me had a good time at the end of the date.

Turn Ons: I love confident men. There is nothing sexier than a guy with confidence!

Turn Offs: I hate tardiness. Nothing is worse than being ready for a date and they are not.

Guilty Pleasures: My guilty pleasure is that I love eating in front of guys, they expect you to not have an appetite and I prove them wrong.

hayden2Interesting Story: One time I had a date take his fake leg off during the date! We were at a hotel bar at the Roosevelt in Hollywood and he literally took it off and just set it in the chair next to him…I was so shocked I choked on my drink. People were staring at us and I was so embarrassed that I said I had a family emergency in order to leave early. I refused to see him again.

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