If Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of the significant other, what’s it like for a Significant Other Woman? We wanted to know, so we checked in with some of the most popular and beautiful women on the Eros Network to see what they’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day — and then asked a few other questions to see just how romantic they are. The answers may surprise you!

1. What have you got planned for Valentine’s Day?

“Rosé Champagne on ice for lunch, followed by a few hours at the spa. Then I’m giving my favorite client an in-room full-body oil massage.  After that, a long gourmet dinner with wine pairings followed with Zumanity, the erotic Cirque du Soleil show to put us in the “mood.” For a nightcap, it’s the strip club for some lap dances, then back to the room for chocolate and playtime.” Adrianna Carter

“I’ll be in Las Vegas with a favorite client, for a few days of great food, music, romance and fun!” – Amy Taylor

“That’s private. A lady never anticipates a kiss and tells.” – Avery Moore

2. Is Valentine’s Day busy?

“I wouldn’t say that Valentine’s Day is especially popular. Families get dibs on lots of holidays, and it can be hard to get away to spend time with someone else unless one is traveling for work.” – AM

Adrianna Carter

3. Do you get sentimental about the holiday?

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that much to me. I choose to celebrate romance, passion, and love every day of the year, not just February 14th … but my dream Valentine’s Day would be for one of my special, long-term clients to take me out to sushi, then to a strip club, and then home for some private time.” – Violetta Michelle 

“I think it’s goofy and tacky in the usual execution: those shiny cupid decorations, the generic heart box of chocolates. There’s not a lot of subtlety or sincere thought put into reflecting on the role of love and desire in our lives. But embracing the tackiness can be fun, and even taking a moment to buy someone chocolate shows that you’re thinking of them and that they’re an important part of your life …  I know it’s corny, but the truth is, I’m privileged enough to spend many romantic evenings throughout the year with gentleman who can make any day feel like Valentine’s. A lot of my favorite memories are from random days during the year … it’s so touching to see an otherwise manly man buck the stereotypes and reveal his softer side.” – AM

“[Even] the years when I’m alone and Valentine-less, I still think it’s a great day for anyone in love.”  – AT



Amy Taylor

4. Any memorable past Valentine’s Days?

“In years past, I’ve been in Tahiti (so amazing), the Bay Area (always fun), Southern Cal (my home), the Caribbean (on a yacht, not too shabby)…I’ve definitely had some lovely times with wonderful people.  And a few lonely years with no Valentine’s date (ah well, I have a dog at least).”  – AT

“In first grade, I had a huge crush on a boy named Charlie. On Valentine’s Day, I gave him a heart-shaped rock that I found on the playground, a $1 bill and a note saying it was from me. I left it in his desk and watched as he found it. He did not look impressed, and he pretty much ignored me. I was crushed. The next morning, he handed me the dollar and said his mother is making him give it back. Since I now knew Charlie didn’t like me, I was happy to get my dollar back.” – VM

Violetta MichelleVioletta Michelle

5. Do you ever take it off?

“[My] real-life partner is my best friend Rachel. We always tell each other how much we love each other on Valentine’s Day. One year, I gave her a Tiffany bracelet, and she gave me a Tiffany necklace.” – VM

“I’m an escort, not a sugar baby. My clients are wonderfully generous, but none support me alone.  Nobody wants that bill, ha ha.” –AT



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