kristen 3Interview with Kristen DiAngelo

Gender: Female

Age: What age would you like me to be? I’m flexible…:)

Hair: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Measurements: 36D-24-36 but my best feature is my mind.

Education: Bachelors of Science in Finance, and I’ve had my Series 7, 65, and 63, as well as an insurance license when I worked in finance. And I am currently thinking of returning to school to get a Masters in Government.

Favorite Activities: My interests and passions are varied. I am a gardener, and I love to see things blossom. I grow both flowers and vegetables as I love the balance. I am an Sex Worker Rights activist and a professional witness. Therefore, I dedicate a great deal of my time to law reform and education. I am interested in film and have produced an award winning documentary. And… I love to travel, both inside this country, and out. While in each place, I try and see things through the eyes of those who live there. With that said, some of my favorite activities have been rappelling down the side of the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, riding camels in the outback of Alice Springs, Australia, or event visiting the cathedrals of the Vatican while I was in Rome. I am a huge museum buff… my favorites… the Met (NYC), the Louvre (Paris), the Rembrandt (Amsterdam) and the Vatican Museum. I very much like fishing as well. I’ve had incredible experiences fly fishing in the rivers of Alaska, and deep sea fishing in Costa Rica. It was exhilarating!

Worst Pickup Line: I was working in NYC, midtown east and had just gotten done for the day. I left my room and walking quickly down Lexington Ave. to keep warm in the cold winter air. After about two or three blocks I had this sense there was someone following me, but the next thought was “how crazy, as the sidewalk was filled with many people”. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling and so I turned and began to walk faster zigzagging back and forth to see it there was anyone crazy enough to follow. And low and behold, there was. To my right flank, I noticed a tall man dressed in black following me. Long black hair that appeared to have not been washed in days straggled down over his shoulders and his skin was strikingly pale. To say the least his looks were a bit off setting but more than that at this point he had been following me for four or five blocks. Each light he would stand about two feet diagonally behind and to the right and when the light turned green we were both off. So as I approached the next light instead of speeding up as his legs were clearly longer than mine I slowed down forcing a stop at a red. As soon as I stopped I spun around and looked him in the eyes, really not having a clue what I would say, but then again, I didn’t end up saying a word. As soon as I turned around, he bent down toward me coming a little too close for comfort and said….”don’t be afraid”, and then there was a long pause, and he finished “I just want to walk next to you”. Now, I’m not sure how I was supposed to take that, but if he was trying to start a conversation, the opposite happened. I actually turned around and walked as fast as I could in the opposite direction. So boys, when trying to pick someone up, I don’t advise whispering in an eerie voice “don’t be afraid”, after following the person you are trying to pick up for blocks! Not an effective technique…lol.

What Approach Do You Prefer: I was in Sydney, Australia with Pearl Callahan a dear friend of mine. We had just bought tickets to see a modernized Shakespearean production in the Opera house. When we came out there was a man who was promoting his own tour business and handing out fliers. We stopped to ask him directions to a coffee shop and he began telling us about his business. After about 20 minutes discussion about what he thought was really best to see, he told us that the next day was his day off, and he would love to give us a free tour of the Sydney coast. How could we resist. In fact we spent a day with him and got to really got to know Sydney and him as well. It was his gallantry that got me. He wanted us to see his city through his eyes. It was incredible and such a good experience. His pick up line… “I would love to show you what I love about this city and the stories it has to tell.”

“I would love to show you what I love about this city and the stories it has to tell.”

Funny Story: I was working in New Orleans and it was a Friday. As always, I stay in the CBD (Central Business District), and this stay I was at a very nice hotel that was actually a historical land mark. My day was normal at this point like all others when Celeste, my assistant, gave me a call and let me know I had a client on the way over. I waited and as time passed, I began to think it was a no show. I would never have her call in these cases because if they are a no show, the last thing I want to do is give them more of my or her time. But just as we were beginning to cancel the appointment he called. He was lost and was having trouble finding the hotel. I knew he was a local and I knew this was a very well known spot, so I was beginning to wonder…when out the window I could see him standing on the corner across the street looking right past the hotel as if it was not there. So, I began to give Celeste directions over the phone and she was able to navigate him across the street and up to me. I should have canceled and this should have been a sign, but I’m a woman of my word and he had made it there in the allowable time, so he was sent up.

Once in the door, it became very apparent he had been drinking. Once again, if someone is inebriated I usually send them kristen 7away. I told him that we should cancel and he should save his money because I wasn’t sure either of us was going to remember our time fondly; based on his level of intoxication he would have been lucky to remember anything at all! The intoxicated gentleman began to tell me of his troubles and of a business meeting that had just gone wrong in the French Quarter and pleaded with me to let him stay. Finally, I acquiesced, but told him no promises and at any time I could end the appointment. He agreed.

The room was dimly lit, punctuated by candles and bits and pieces of my femininity. The ceiling fan moved slowly as the man sat down on the end of my bed. I looked down at my pink marabou slippers and decided it was time for my attire to match. I excused myself to the bathroom getting set to emerge a vision. But, before I’d had time to adequately transform, I began to smell smoke. I was done, he was drunk and now smoking in this gorgeous hotel that had been standing for decades. I stormed out of the bathroom, and was met with a sight I will never forget. My caller was passed out cold on the bed. The bed which once supported two pillow shams now had only one, and the other lay on top of a candle next to the bed with flames leaping a foot high off the pillow. Although ornate, the sham was made of highly flammable polyester and he had simply tossed the pillow without looking before passing out in a drunken stupor.

I grabbed the sham and rushed it into the bathroom, throwing it quickly into the tub and dowsing it with water. As I stepped back a black billowy smoke came pouring out of the bathroom, but the fire was out. About the time I thought things were good, I could hear voices running up and down the halls stating there was a fire in the hotel. I put towels under the door, dropped the temperature and began to clean up the mess. With no opening widows, I was a bit trapped. To make matters worse, my jolly old friend on the bed woke and instantly (which amazed me, considering his state of inebriation) knew things were not good. At this point he stood and said, “I guess this is my cue to go”. Now, I’m only 5’2”, but at that moment an NFL linebacker couldn’t have convinced me to open that door. I looked him straight in the eyes and said “Sit your butt right back down.” and as soon as I said that he sat back down and a knock came at my door. It was housekeeping and the woman told me they were going door to door trying to find a fire. She wanted to know if there was a fire in my room. I firmly said “No”, and I wasn’t lying because the fire had been put out 20 minutes prior. I then watched out the peep hole as the manager, housekeepers and other employees went from one room to another looking for a fire.

In the end, they decided that someone must have been ironing and burned a shirt. They were gone but I was still not out of the clear. I had a smokey room, and a man who was now passed out again on my bed. I woke him, escorted him out, canceled any other appointments I had for the day and went in to town looking for Ozium. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a must if you’re in hotel rooms or even just deal with the public. After I found it, I returned to my room to begin fumigation, but I was at a loss about what to do with my burnt pillow sham. I felt responsible and had to make things right. Then the next morning, as they were cleaning rooms that people had checked out of, I spotted my opportunity. There was a maids cart in the hall way with fresh shams. I took my burnt sham and pinned a $20 bill with a small note saying “Sorry”, (an adequate amount in those years), and set my sham next to the cart taking a clean one to put on my pillow.

Each time I pass by that hotel I have to chuckle, and occasionally I get an email, with the title of a song such as “It’s a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, or “Burning Down the House”…. our little inside joke.

Turn Ons: To be in the adult entertainment world for so many years, I’ve had the chance to fully explore who I am and what makes me tick. Unlike most would assume, it has very little to do with looks.

Those who are real excite me and those who can be vulnerable engage me.

Instead, it is one’s intellect and people who are real, whether female, transgender, or male. I truly enjoy spending time with those who are open minded and  aren’t afraid of their sexuality or humanity. The outside world is so riffled with judgment and status seekers, that it is common place. Those who are real excite me and those who can be vulnerable engage me. I know it is them I’m truly with, and not the facade the outside world sees. I am also attracted to kindness. Those who give back to society and those who know how to live. After all, our outside appearance is transitory, and each year, we will change. Because I’ve known so many for so long, looks don’t seem to matter. I’m turned on by the person.

Turn Offs: I am disheartened by those who lead with hate or ignorance. Hate and ignorance are the most unattractive qualities I can think of.

kristen 8Guilty Pleasures: I am a foodie and thus have a vast array of guilty pleasures. On the savory end, I love habanero blue cheese french fries,  street tacos, warm home made cinnamon rolls,  fresh king crab from Alaska with drawn butter, and last but definitely not least, a good cup of black coffee.

Other Endeavors: I am currently working as a massage therapist with my own small business in the Sacramento area. A nurturer by nature, the healing art of touch seemed to make sense as I began to transition out of being a touring escort. I needed something where I could still be connected to those who have been good to me, but in another context. I have to admit it’s hard to change when you’ve done something as long as I have, but at the same time it’s refreshing. I’ve met  new and interesting people. Massage is something that I love doing and being in one place allows me continuity and community, something I’ve craved. It allows me a bond with my clients allowing for true intimacy.

My massage space is a place where one can completely relax. A trickling fountain surrounded by lush green plants sits at the end of the room. Each wall is decorated with mirrors rimmed in gold and pictures brought back from past visits to Paris.  The light from small candles envelops the room in a gentle golden hue. My massage studio is a slice of heaven created to dissolve the tensions of the day.  I welcome those who are in the area to give me a call so that we can get to know each other better. 866-866-3636

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