Interview with Laura Bentley

Age: 29

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Measurements: I am petite (108 pounds) in form and I am cast in the model of a sculpture from the age of the classical Greeks or Romans, with symmetrical features and lines that cut across my arms, back and torso.  But I am soft to the touch.  I have natural breasts that measure a generous and full 32B.

Background: I prefer to think of myself as a sex goddess and a sensuality coach.  At the risk of sounding cliché or unoriginal, I help my clients find meaning and pleasure in their lives by allowing them to realize their full sexual identity.

I studied elementary education at an well-know public state university.  Following graduation, I continued my studies in the post-graduate fields of early childhood development and special education.  I taught in a public school for two years before founding and managing a preschool that primarily served minority children from low-income backgrounds.

I eventually came to realize that I could have the greatest impact on society, open the most minds, be the most effective instrument for change, and do the most good by becoming a life and sensuality coach.  So I sought out those that could mentor me.  I studied Bondassage, a form of sensual therapy, under dominatrix and published author Eve Minax.  I studied tantra under the renowned instructor Charles Muir. Eugene Hedlund, with his practices in 5 Rythms and Tribal Tantra continues to be inspiration as well.  I pulled all this together by becoming a certified master level life coach, with a niche in sensuality, under author and coaching instructor David Essel.1-8

Favorite Activities: In my free time I enjoy travel, working out, learning new things, exploring new ideas, meeting new people, North Carolina basketball games, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite Movies: My favorite movie is Forrest Gump, the story of a world and society so violent, chaotic, and morally bankrupt that it is best understood, perhaps only understood, through the eyes and experiences of a character that is forever a child.

Favorite Music: I enjoy alternative music, and I have a particular soft spot for Devotchka, which wrote much of the music that became the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine, another movie I enjoyed.

Worst Pick Up Line: This is a tough question because there have been many, but I’m going with “You wanna fuck?”  This is the equivalent of a man sending me a text or email message that is cropped at the waist and the upper thighs.  It’s tired, it lacks originality, and it almost always speaks to a man’s lack of substance.

Worst Place Hit On: I don’t know that I agree with the premise of this question.  Although men have done a poor job at hitting on me in locations that are almost as varied as they are numerous, I believe that every moment and every place has the potential to be interesting, entertaining, or intriguing.  It just takes a man that understands the setting and is up to the moment.


Date Story: The most surprising incident happened while on a date with a guy that was glowing education and profession wise.  The date started wonderfully, yet halfway through dinner the guy started slurring his words.  His eyes seemed very heavy and he began to become extremely incoherent.  I was shocked thinking  I was witnessing this poor man having a stroke right before my eyes.  Moments later the man was completely passed out with his face literally in his dinner plate.  I flagged down a waiter who called 911.  Later it was discovered that the guy was nervous before our date and took what he thought was an anti-anxiety medication but what turned out to be a high dosage of Ambien, a sleeping pill.

Turn Ons: I am turned on by men who challenge me intellectually, who are open-minded, cultured, worldly, educated, magnanimous, accomplished, forthcoming, well-dressed, well-groomed, adventurous, beautiful in mind and spirit, entertaining, and punctual.

What is important and noteworthy for being absent from my list of turn ons is a man’s natural good looks.  I appreciate aesthetic beauty in a man in much the same way I do blazing sunsets, the soft edges of a city blanketed in freshly fallen snow, and white roses.  So while I may appreciate a man’s natural good looks, it is the beauty of his mind and spirit that will turn me on most.

Turn Offs: I am turned off by men that are judgmental, moralistic, provincial, closed-minded, uninformed, and that are not clean and well-groomed.0-4

Guilty Pleasures: Although I know that this is an innocent question, I want to take this chance to explain that I don’t believe in guilt the way that those that  live traditional lives often do.  The only rule I live by is the golden rule; do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  My view of the world leaves very little room for guilt.  In fact, I actually subscribe to William Blake’s view that “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”

But I know that this was supposed to be a fun question, so I’ll play along.  So where should I begin and when should I stop?

Sex, sleeping in, watching Unsolved Mysteries, lingerie, sex, purses, shoes, Dom Perignon, shopping for the sake of shopping, chocolate covered strawberries, sex, pornography, leaving my dirty laundry on the floor, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, sex, Apple devices, drinking outside on nice days, light bondage, skipping working out, sex, expensive furniture, massages- giving and receiving, small high-end speakers, jewelry, days off, and of course, more sex.

Funny Story: I am undoubtedly fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and share exciting experiences with many interesting people in many interesting places as part of my sensuality coaching.  My Eros ads usually include the words of Tennyson, which I know and love, “I am a part of all that I have met.”

My reluctance to tell just one funny or interesting story about a date, session, or travel experience is born of my ear1-1nest belief that one story could not do justice to the rich variety experiences I’ve had and the diverse, fascinating I have met.

I could tell stories about acting with Johnny Sins, Bondassage training in Eve Minax’s amazing “dungeon,” getaways to warm weather locations, playing in groups, walking after midnight along the National Mall in Washington D.C. with a client, group sessions, boat cruises at sunset, opening minds, or not arriving until halftime of a North Carolina v. Duke basketball game (North Carolina won!) after a session with a client.

Rather than tell you an interesting or funny story, the thing you should know is that, through my work, I help my clients find pleasure and  meaning in their lives by allowing them to realize their fullest sexual identity and potential. And by doing this I truly love my life.

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