Maxine-1Interview with Maxine Holloway

Gender:  female

Hair: dark

Eye Color: hazel

Measurements: I stand 5 foot 8 inches with curves in all the right places.  My 29-inch waist creates a perfect hourglass with my all natural 36BB bust, and 40-inch incredible ass. This is all topped off with long dark hair, hazel eyes, and a killer smile.

Education and Background: I studied art and photography in college, and am now working on a master’s degree in public health, specializing in sexual health. When I was 18 years old I started selling my panties on the internet as a side job, a few years later I made my first porn…the rest is beautiful history, I have now been in the entertainment and companion industry full time for almost five wonderful years!

Favorite Activities: I’m a huge sex-ed nerd. I know all the good facts about things like squirting, syphilis, and threesomes. School keeps me pretty busy, but once I finish my homework I love to get Maxine-2together with friends. This could involve a burlesque or drag show, live music, an art opening, or a weekend out of town.  I also keep pretty busy producing, hosting, and performing in kinky and sexy events in the Bay Area – you should definitely catch my next show! My schedule can get hectic so I make sure to fit in lots of swimming and yoga to stay relaxed.

Favorite Food: I love a nice meal out (sushi is my favorite), or cooking at home with a bottle of wine.

Worst Pickup Line: “Hey, I’ve seen you naked on the internet!” This will instantly make me feel uncomfortable, and is a really good way to get me to ignore you forever.

Worst Place Hit On: Walking down the street. Stopping someone when they is obviously on their way somewhere is just plain rude. Don’t even try cat calling- it’s the first sign of being pathetic.

Best Approach: I appreciate it when you are bold enough to take a flirtatious chance with me, but then leave the ball in my court to make sure the feeling is reciprocated. This lets me know you are interested without putting on too much pressure. Plus it leaves me super curious and excited!

Maxine-3Funny Story: I was on a first date with a “gentleman” and we were at dinner waiting for the appetizers to arrive and making small talk. He proceeded and whip out a Tarot Card app on his phone (tacky), and proceed to tell me that the cards said that we were meant to be together (cheesy), and then he started naming our future children (creepy). I’m an old-fashioned kinda gal, and must at least have dessert before any type of future is discussed! He never made it to date two.

Turn Ons: My sexuality is very adventurous and playful. I get into being super engaged with you, so I really appreciate it when someone can meet my enthusiasm. Whether it is dirty talk, role-play, or a specific outfit – I really like it when you who know what you like, or are willing to explore your interests. I find that if someone is willing to really engage with me it creates memorable session chemistry.

Turn Offs: A sense of entitlement. Always ask first.

Guilty Pleasures: I have zero guilt about my pleasures! But if I had to pick something I would say whiskey, gin, and original sin.

Interesting Story: I once had a Valentines Day BDSM session with a lovely young man. He had a nice home in the hills that I naturally assumed was his residence. Everything was going really well – we had lots of toys to play with. Then about halfway through the session his parents both walked in. Let’s just say his Mom and Dad were not very pleased with the amount of toys and gear in their living room…I will add that to the ever growing list of reasons I prefer a more seasoned gentleman.MH2

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