Maxine-2Interview with Maxine Monroe

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Hair Color: Black. I like to keep my hair dark with a nice red lip. However, I have many wigs when role playing.

Eye Color: Grey

Measurements: I stand at 5’11’’ flat footed. My body type is quite voluptuous at 44G-35-45. I have naturally large breasts, a flat stomach, small hips and derrière.

Best Features: In my opinion, my best feature is my smile. It’s warm, sometimes flirty, but whatever the case may be, it always puts a person at ease. In the opinion of others, I would have to say majority vote would agree that my breasts are my best physical feature. With my eyes coming in at a close second. I guess it comes down to everyone has their own personal opinion, whether it be my long legs, smooth skin, eyes, or toes. You just never know.

Education: Associates Degree

Interests: I have an appreciation for the violin and spanish styled homes/architecture.

Dream Car: Shelby Mustang

Years Working: 6 months (not a year yet)

Affiliation: Independent

Free Time: I spend a lot of time developing a couple of apps that are pretty promising. Before I started this line of work I was a Client Relations Manager for an app developing company. Last, but not least…I absolutely love martial arts movies, or what I like to call Karate Flicks. I have a huge collection and pick a martial arts movie every night on Netflix to fall asleep to. I am obsessed. I hope one day to see a UFC cage match up close.

In my opinion, my best feature is my smile. It’s warm, sometimes flirty, but whatever the case may be, it always puts a person at ease.

Favorite Movie: The Lover (1992 starring Jane March, my first female crush.) and Dangerous Liaisons (1988 with  John Malcovich)

Favorite Music: Alternative is my favorite but I honestly like everything. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Daughter. The “If You Leave” album is my favorite.

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Activities: I love to swim laps in an indoor pool. I haven’t been in a while, but horseback riding is another favorite of mine.

Worst Pickup Line: Are your legs tired…because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

Worst Place Hit On: Though I would like to come up with a creative response, I have to be honest and say that I have never been hit on in a crazy place.

Best Approach: A funny guy gets me every time. I love a guy that can tell a good joke. I also like a guy that is direct and gets to the point. I don’t like playing guessing games. Tell me what you want.

Best Date:
I had been wanting to go to Japonais here in Chicago for a long time. Maxine-3A very lovely gentlemen took me there for dinner and it was a very nice experience. The ambience, the food, the conversation, it all was very amazing. He planned everything. I love when the man takes the lead.

Turn Ons: Maturity. I feel that when you are mature, there isn’t a lot of games. Someone that is mature is confident, knows how to have a conversation, is willing to own up to their mistakes, and is generally honest. However, my real weakness is when a man cooks for me. There’s just something about a man taking time out of his day to cook for me while I have a glass of Riesling and we are having a great conversation while he is doing so. I just melt. If he’s into role playing then he absolutely gets a gold star.

Turn Offs: I have no tolerance for rude or inconsiderate people. There isn’t a position on this planet that gives someone the right to judge another human being. When people act rude, inconsiderate, or privileged it is disgusting.

Guilty Pleasures: Girl on girl porn. Especially when it’s slow, sensual, and seductive. Funny thing is, I’ve never slept with a woman.

Funny Story: One evening after being on a date with a guy, he walks me to my front door. He warns me the entire evening how passionate he is and that women just go crazy over him. Well, we are standing at my door and he begins kissing me. He grabs me like one of those overly dramatic love scenes from back in the day that were in black and white. During this time I smell something. I can’t figure out what it is. He then pulls back, looks at me and is coming forward to kiss me again. Then it hits me. It’s his upper lip. Oh my, it was the most  hideous smell. Like seriously, can a smell even be classified as hideous. It smelled like hot garbage in a back alley. I just couldn’t do it. I kindly thanked him for the nice evening and went inside. I may have scrubbed the outside of my lips for about 10 minutes straight after that experience.


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