FullSizeRender-2Interview with Mistress Amanda

Age:  25 years old

Hair Color:  Blonde

Eye color:  Hazel

Measurements: My breast are 36c and I’m a 28 waist

Height: 5’6 without heels

Weight: 125lb.

Best Features: Is my eyes I will hypnotize you and submerge you into this deep sensual session. And with my smile I will  seduce you to do as I wish.

Favorite Activities: image1(1)My free time I enjoy Arts and crafts. I also like to do volunteer work for the community… Such as soup kitchen and preparing donations such as clothing toys and necessities for kids.

Worst Pick Up Line: The worst pick up line I have encountered  has been on the train, a guy is staring at me the whole ride without saying anything… Then as his stop approaches he smiles and says “Here’s my number… Use it.”

Worst Place Hit On: The worst place I can think of is a McDonalds. Like imagine hearing ” Hey sweetie want some of my BIG MAC”? Lol

What Approach Do You Prefer: I like to be approached with respect and kindness.

Funny Story: A few years back I went on a first date and I was in the mood of being extra tall and decided to go with my 8inch Christian Louboutin shoes (bad idea) it was raining and I slipped and fell right on my big butt in front of everyone. Luckily my date was very responsible and started massaging my feet in front of everyone. So the people who where concerned started telling him he’s a lucky man to have a beautiful woman fall into his hands.

IMG_9465Turn Ons: What turns me on is to see a man or a woman surrender all their fears desires and fantasy from the moment I start speaking and looking into their eyes. I love the to see the human body melt right before my eyes because it’s more of a connection and chemistry with me. I thrive on those things…. The more the better.

Turn Offs: What turns me off is smelly feet and a bad attitude. I don’t like bad energy and auras.

Guilty Pleasures: I have a female Jewish submissive that has more cojones than half the man I know. Lol. She comes and see me every week and I take full charge of her body and mind. And she does not say no to anything. I like to have full charge and control in all aspects of the human body and mind.

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