Bella-3Interview with Ms. Bella Maytresse

Age: 32

Hair Color: Beautiful long espresso-colored hair, big eyes of the same shade, and a curvy athletic figure

Measurements: 36D-24-34

Height: 5’5″

Education: I’m currently a PhD student in one of the physical sciences.

Years Working:
I have been an independent escort for about 2.5 years.

Favorite Activities: I honestly don’t have too much free time! I am someone who finds learning incredibly fun. For instance, I’m taking some online coding lessons independent of my PhD studies. IT skills are invaluable assets to anyone’s field. For instance, adult entertainers will often pay good money to web site developers or designers for a unique look for their brand. With escort marketing predominantly online these days, many entertainers benefit from enriching their tech knowledge.

In regards to other activities I enjoy, I’ve also finally gotten back into distance running after taking a brief hiatus during the most hectic years of grad school. I’m a former marathon runner, but I don’t see myself getting in that type of shape any time soon – at least not until I’ve earned my degree and have a few more hours to myself in the week!

Worst Pick Up Line: I don’t know if it was so much as a pick-up line as it was Bella-5situational, but I think one of the worst times I’ve been hit on was on my way to see a client. Actually, now that I think about it, this happened more than once… But anyway, I was visiting a client at a hotel downtown and the lobby was fairly packed with drunk people. Very drunk people, especially a group of three or four very drunk college-aged guys. I’m waiting for the elevator and one of them asks what I’m up to. I
told him I was visiting a friend. He insisted that I come hang out in his room instead! He even got on the elevator with me and I had to evade him by taking it up to the wrong floor and telling him I was going to call it a night and not to follow me, please. He was VERY persistent. I’d like to think it was the sexy dress and heels I was rocking but I’m pretty sure it mostly the alcohol.

Worst Place Hit On: It’s always “on the job” that I get any flirting action. When I’m out during my free time? Never, of course! So I’ve worked in a lot of service industry jobs, specifically working the counter/drive-thru at a fast-food establishment, as well as waitressing and bartending at a few restaurants. I feel like I’m betraying my feminist sensibilities by both recounting this and by doing it in the first place, but there really is some truth to the concept of flirting as the cute waitress with the men at your tables, particularly if they will be paying the bill, in order to garner larger tips. So, I was known to encourage male patrons with friendly, subtle advances – and usually, it’s all in good fun. However, there were always a few that bought into the exchange a bit more than I anticipated. The guys more likely to literally ask me out while I was waiting on their table were the ones who came in groups, usually college guys hungover from the night before (I worked in a diner very early weekend mornings, through the brunch shift). I’m thinking that alcohol was again partially to blame.

What Approach Do You Prefer:
As far as I know, I’m a tough woman to “pick-up”. For one thing, I love the chase. So if a man is very forward with me, in some cases it can be a bit of a turn-off. I guess it depends on how it’s executed. I like confidence, but not arrogance; self-deprecating humor, but not self-pity. Someone that knows how far to push, without being pushy. Basically, the approach most likely to work on me is the one closest to impossible. Or improbable maybe. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I “picked up” my last few boyfriends myself, so maybe it’s best to sit back, be receptive, and wait for me to come to you.

Bella-4Funny or Worst Date: Worst “date” I’ve been on was running my first half-marathon with a guy I’d been seeing. Being my first big race, I’d been training heavily for the past few months. The night before the race, guy friend drunk-texts me (our usual mode of communication) at like 3 am. I’m fast asleep, and wake up to the text at 5 am. I text him back that I’m leaving to get downtown to where the race begins at 7am. He texts back that he’d like to run it too! To my dismay, my guy friend ends up being able to spontaneously decide to run a half-marathon on no sleep, tons of alcohol, and the worst part? He ended up beating me. I was so mad lol.

Turn Ons: I love when a client shows up for their appointment super-clean, shaved, with fresh breath. What keeps the fire going is when the client is receptive to pleasure and vocalizes what they like (or dislike) about what we’re doing. I’m not good at reading minds and it makes me feel good when I know I’m pleasing you, so definitely give me some direction if you can! Kissing a lot is amazing too.. I have a sweet spot on my neck that I probably shouldn’t mention but if you find it.. Yeah. Just.. yeah.

Turn Offs: I think everyone can agree that bad hygiene is a huge turnoff. You’d think it would be common sense, to get as sparkly clean as possible before a date. Fortunately, the majority of the people I see are very fresh and clean and wonderful. Further turn-offs are definitely arrogance and entitlement. If you’re really really great, you won’t have to tell me how great you are because I’ll find out myself! Plus, it’s more fun that way.

Guilty Pleasures: My guilty pleasures are definitely Netflix and Hulu – I’m a TV binger. Since I live alone, it’s nice to have something on in the background whenever I’m home, so I usually have some series playing while I do work, housework, workout, etc. With Netflix use at its peak, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched more TV in the past year than I have in the past decade before.

Interesting Story: The best sessions I can recall are a few in particular in which Bella-2there were role-playing scenes we acted out from beginning to end. The best one was a student-professor scenario in which I played the innocent, virginal, uptight student seduced by the Sexual Studies Professor she’d secretly pined for, during office hours. This scene worked so well not for its originality, but because the two of us were both fully committed to our respective roles and we both came to the date “in character”. In fact, I was so deep in character, once he “seduced me”, I remember physically reacting as though I was that buttoned-up student all hot under the collar, finally getting what I’d been wanting and craving all semester when my professor put his hands up my skirt. Whoo… I’m getting pretty hot under the collar just thinking about it!

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