Nikki Irish - 1Interview with Nikki Irish

Gender: Female

Age: Mid-30’s

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Measurements: 5’8″ HWP. I’m 36-28-39.

Best Features: My best feature is probably my smile and then my ass!

Education: I have a BA and am working on my MBA.

Years Working: I’ve been doing this full time for 6 years (part time for 3 before that).

Affiliation: Independent

Location: NYC

Free Time: I’m an avid scuba diver, I started diving in 2006 and got my master diver c-card in 2009. I’ve been diving all over the world. I also love to travel, I just got back from visiting seven European countries in 10 days. I drove the whole way (driving crazy fast on the Autobahn was the best)!

I also love to volunteer. I have had great success (with no small effort from my Nikki Irish - 2amazing friends) with toy and food drives. I especially love working at much needed shelters and soup kitchens.

I am also an avid bicyclist (road) and have a Specialized that I had customized and when living in AZ was riding 100 miles a week. In NYC it isn’t quite as easy, but I still try to ride as much as I can!

Favorite Music: I love indie music, my favorite artist is Justin Hulsey at the moment. I love foreign music completely (Amadou and Mariam, Cheb Mami), but can listen to almost anything but country (strangely, since I’m from Texas).

Favorite Food: I love all food, NYC is the most amazing place for that, but I’m partial to Sushi and just LOVE Nobu!

Nikki Irish - 3Worst Pickup Line: It wasn’t really a pick up line, but it was pretty brave! I was in a bar talking with another man when a very handsome man came up, picked up my cell phone off the bar and dialed his number into it!

Worst Place Hit On: I get hit on in front of my family, it’s so crass. Yuck.

Best Approach: I love smart, confident men who aren’t afraid to walk up and say hi. No pick up lines needed!

Funny Story: I once had a blind date (pre-internet) in Dallas. I opened the door and he was about 5″ shorter and had a long, blonde mullet and was wearing cowboy boots with wide leg jeans. I went along with it, but suffice it to say that didn’t work out.

Turn Ons: I love a man who isn’t afraid of a woman’s body. Who isn’t afraid to talk and tell me what he loves and isn’t afraid to try things he hasn’t done before. I’m not into cookie cutter sex, the comfortable kind that you’ve always done. Let’s get wild!

Turn Offs: Unpleasant body odor and bad breath. Also, trying to guide me into cookie cutter sex. I like to just let things happen organically.

Guilty Pleasures: I love Haagan Daz Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream with a Nikki Irish - 4passion (but at 600 calories a pint it isn’t something I indulge in often!), slow, long, deep massages and last minute travel to a beautiful place. Oh, and road trips!

Interesting Story: I have too many to share, it’s hard to pick just one, but I love all the people I meet. There’s nothing more exciting to me than opening the door to someone I’ve never met knowing what will happen soon. It’s the most intoxicating thing I can think of. I also love seeing an old friend that I’ve had amazing experiences with. I just love what I do, I can’t imagine doing anything else for the time being!


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