Maxine Monroe

Maxine Monroe is a 35 year old with dark hair and a nice red lip. Maxine's body type is quite voluptuous at 44G-35-45. In her opinion, her best feature is her smile; It’s warm, sometimes flirty, but whatever the case may be, it always puts a person at ease.

VIP Adahlia

VIP Adahlia is a 29 year old, with long silky black hair and mesmerizing gray eyes. VIP Adahlia may be a petite 5’2 but her physical landscape is all perfect hourglass proportions (natural 36DD-26-36) and impossibly creamy, alabaster skin that is covered in beautiful illustrations; you can trace the constellations they make like treasure maps for you to follow as you explore her personal topography.

VIP Ms. Pearla

VIP Ms. Pearla is a 30 something, independent female escort, with brown eyes, brunette hair and a body to die for. Ms. Pearla is a voracious reader. She just loves the feel of a book in her hands, the weight is comforting and she likes to earmark the last page she was on. She is definitely ‘old school’ and finds that a polite approach and confidence is a major turn on. There’s nothing that gets her juices flowing like a well dressed man, who smells good, who holds her hand as he introduces himself and compliments her beauty.
Alysha Tulip

VIP Alysha Tulip

VIP Alysha Tulip is a gorgeous blonde with a hot slim body and curves in all the right places, a heart-shaped bottom, and a smile that will immediately put you at ease. VIP Alysha Tulip's measurements are 34DD, 5'6"' and 110lbs - near perfect! I love modeling and acting - I have been in 2 movies. I love outdoor photography and will take pictures anywhere. My passions are travelling, modeling and massage to nurture the body & soul.

Lovely Lorena

Lovely Lorena is a 38 year old, independent escort. She loves to watch movies while wrapped in a gentleman’s arms. Lorena wants men to follow the golden rule, be polite, direct and honest. She is confident in her own skin, so you can always feel free to be yourself and completely at ease around her.


Fancy is a mature escort with brown eyes and auburn hair. She is well educated with a degree in journalism and she worked in media, communications, and public relations before joining the industry. Courtesy, intelligence, humor, spontaneity, and kindness to people and animals are all qualities that turn her on. When asked about her guilty pleasures, she says that guilt is a useless emotion. She prefers to indulge in pleasure because she deserves it.

Paisley Parks

Paisley Parks is a 30 year old, brunette escort with brown eyes. She has been in the industry for 10 years and works as an Independent provider. Kickboxing and working out keeps Paisley moving in her spare time but a sense of humor and adventure will keep her smiling on your date. Paisley's guilty pleasures are cupcakes and rock 'n' roll, which describes her personality perfectly-- sweet and electric.

Gianna Moore

Gianna Moore is a 27 year old, blonde escort in New York City. She loves to meet new people, visit different places and making new memories. She likes quiet confidence and someone who does not play games. Just be sweet and show her that you know how to appreciate a beautiful woman. Gianna travels a lot so in her free time she enjoys lying in bed watching a romantic comedy or some good ol' trashy reality TV.

Haley St. James

Haley is a 29 year old, blonde escort in Chicago. She is well educated and likes to dance, eat seafood and travel in her spare time. The best approach to talking to Haley is to just introduce yourself without any pick up line. She appreciates a gentleman and having good manners is a must for her. One of Haley's guilty pleasures is shopping, so bringing her a nice gift will surely put a smile on her face and start your date off right.