Sila Star

Sila Star is a 36 year old, blonde escort with stunning green eyes. In her free time Sila loves to relax and travel, or anything that makes her feel beautiful like getting her hair and nails done. She is a sophisticated woman who is turned on by great conversation and a sincere but confident approach.

Desiree Devine

Desiree Devine is a 32 year old, blonde escort/fetishist who has been in the industry for 8 years. She has also been making adult movies for 6 years and she co-organized BBW FanFest in 2012-2013, now in 2015 founded BBWcon. She loves to spend time with her friends and they typically go out to BBW clubs or gay bars to let loose. Desiree also loves to swim, go to the movies and spend time by the ocean. Desiree likes a generous guy who is motivated and has a great sense of humor. The best approach with her is to be genuine and just walk up to say "hi."

Miss Jamie Love

Jamie Love is a 28 year old, independent escort with red hair and blue eyes. When left to her own devices she enjoys to read and spend time with loved ones. You can catch her on a webcam show or play her in a round of strip poker, just make sure you have good manners because bad manners are a major turn off for her.

VIP Bunnie

VIP Bunnie is a 29 year old rock n' roll babe from Las Vegas. She loves to get wet and wild on the beach or with any water sports. Confidence and laughter are the key to having a good time with Bunnie but a home cooked meal will earn you a gold star. VIP Bunnie has a weakness for lingerie and secret rendezvous but keep your ego in check and don't take yourself too seriously if you want to spend time with her.

Rave Diamonds

Rave Diamonds is petite, brunette, 24 year old escort with green eyes. She prefers a confident but not cocky man who will spoil her. She has a weakness for a good kisser. Rave loves the arts and going to museums, she also like to keep things interesting by trying all types of food and music.

Jill Morgan

Jill Morgan is a mature, independent escort with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has been working in the industry for 10 years on and off. She has a degree in Psychology but is not too serious or stuffy. She values a good sense of humor and loves a gentleman. Jill stays active and keeps in great shape by walking, yoga and volleyball but she will never turn down a good board game indoors.

Goddess Capri

Goddess Capri von Chic is a female model, actress and professional businesswoman. She has been in the industry for 12 years. At, 32 years old she is in optimal shape, toned to perfection with curves in all the right places. She has her BA is Fashion and working on a MA in psychology/ sex counseling so she has brains to go along with her beauty. Goddess Capri is turned on by submissive men who do what they are told with no questions asked.

Arden Moon

Arden Moon is an escort based in Las Vegas. She is 5'7" with auburn hair and brown eyes. She has a BA in Science, is a published author and a former print model. She has been an independent companion for over 15 years. Arden thinks a man that has a sense of humor about himself and life is always hot.

Laura Bentley

Laura Bentley is a 29 year old, petite blonde escort with brown eyes. She is turned on by men who challenge her intellectually, who are open-minded and educated. Laura believes that she can have the greatest impact on society, open the most minds, be the most effective instrument for change, and do the most good through her career as a life and sensuality coach.