paisley parks2Interview with Paisley Parks

Age: 30

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Measures: 36A-26-36

Background: Educated by life, been in and around the business for 10 years. Independent escort but have worked for agencies in the past.

Favorite activities: I work out, enjoy kick boxing, like to shop, read and learn new things.

Worst pickup line: You are almost as beautiful as my sister. But well, you know, that’s illegal.

Worst Place Hit On: A Family Reunion.

Best Approach: Something that appeals to my cerebral side. Something intellectual.

Funny Story: Well I was getting ready for a date. I was staying at a beautiful hotel. As I was trying to put on a new pair of earrings I dropped one. It went way under the bed. Now, most hotels you can’t lose anything under a bed but this one was open up by where the bedside table was and the earring feel right through there. The furniture was very heavy but I managed to push the table out a bit and stuck my head under the bed while reaching for the earring. Just as I reached the earring I lifted my head slightly and began to try to scoot back from under the bed but my hair was caught– I mean a hug hunk of my hair. I tried and tried to get it loose but it just got worse.paisley parks1

So now image me there. Head stuck under the bed, I am in La Perla lingerie, silk stockings and a Chanel dress laying on the bed I am stuck under. I look at my watch and it’s about 15 minute until my date was to arrive. I try to r grab the phone on the bedside table but it is out of reach. So I lay there trying a few strands at a time to get my hair loose but can’t. Finally there is a knock at the door.

I yell “hello” but they did not hear me. A second knock. I scream help as loud as possible. Suddenly silence. I think oh crap he left I start to almost cry and I am laughing at the same time. About that time I hear the door open and in this Spanish accent a women says “hello” –it’s the maid. I tell her that my hair is caught and ask for help. She did not understand. “MY HAIR IS CAUGHT” I said. So she covers me with a blanket and calls for help.

In about 20 minutes they have the mattress off and they are pulling my hair loose from the clips that hold the bed together. I lost a fair chunk of hair but soon I am free. We all began to laugh. I standing there in my lingerie wrapped in a blanket and in steps my date. He had been there the whole time. He was the one who got the maid with a key. He calmly asked if I’d like to go to dinner and says I am sure a drink is in order. He was correct. The rest of the night was a breeze. By the way I forgot the earring after the ordeal and never got it.

paisley parks 4Turn ons: A sense of humor, a quick wit, a sense of adventure.

Turn offs: People who complain and are always the victim.

Guilty Pleasures: Cupcakes and 80 Rock and Roll.

Interesting Date: My most interesting date was with a women cellist with an orchestra that travels. She took me to New York on a several day date. First time to NY and First date with a women.

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