1-3Interview with Robin Ardeur

Age: early 20’s

Hair Color:  Midnight Blue

Eye Color: Green

Measurements: naturally curvaceous 34F/29/39 but my best feature may be the hundred or more hours of artwork decorating my body, though!

Background: I have been an independent kinky escort and pro-switch for a little over three years, following a brief stint in art school.

Favorite Activities: I travel extensively, and usually off the beaten path. I’ve spent time everywhere from a yoga retreat in Maui, a tree house in Oakland, a yurt on an off-grid farm in the rural south… One of my favorite ways to travel the states would have to be by train, and I’ve seen a lot of the most beautiful and untouched parts of the country that way.

When I’m not at home in New York or off in the woods, I frequent San Francisco and New Orleans, and I enjoy any chance I have to add stamps to my passport.

Aside from this pursuit, I am a freelance documentary photographer, mostly shooting kink events and burlesque shows. 1-6

Favorite Food: I’m an avid home cook, and am trying my hand at small-scale backyard farming. I favor French cuisine and BBQ. One surefire way to my heart is through slow-smoked brisket!

Favorite Movies: My favorite directors are John Waters and David Lynch.

Favorite Music: I know I look like I dig rock music, but I actually mostly listen to down tempo, IDM and indie hip hop.

Worst Pick Up Line: The most common would have to be “are you available now?” I put a lot of thought, care and preparation into each of my dates. Establishing a connection with people through email first – finding out what makes you tick and what you’d like to explore together – is important to me, so meeting last-minute never works.

Worst Place Hit On: I live in Brooklyn and have a booty, so I’ve been hit on just about everywhere. Taxis are the worst because you’re the driver’s captive audience.

What Approach Do You Prefer: Demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to review my website before contacting me is vital. I appreciate being approached with respect, excitement and a willingness to explore. I find that dates where we have time to flirt over dinner or attend an event or show together add another dimension to our time. Verbal foreplay is key!

Date Story: You’ll have to visit my Twitter feed for this one – it’s too risqué to share here!1-4

Turn Ons: Oh, boy, this is a loaded question for someone with as many kinks as I have. There’s bravery in revealing your vulnerability to someone, and I appreciate when people show that side of themselves to me. I also love injecting humor and playfulness into BDSM play – by no means does kink have to be Super Serious Business all the time!

Turn Offs: There are a number of things, but I think they can all be summed up succinctly as “disrespect”.

Guilty Pleasures: I’m a shameless hedonist, so I wouldn’t call any of my pleasures guilty. Some of my favorite indulgences include vegging out and reading comic books (Vertigo), wine (I’ll try anything with a cool label) and BBQ brisket (see above).

1-5Funny Story: Hmm, should I tell you about the combination role-playing costume/dinner/sex party on a yacht I attended, or maybe the time I was kicked out of a dungeon for laughing too much during a scene? Oh – or the time I rang in the New Year playing with my lover and duo partner TS Elle Fox while dozens of partygoers watched us from outside the cage in the middle of the Citadel in SF?

I can’t choose- I think you’ll have to ask me in person!

To contact Robin please visit her ad:


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