SQ2Interview with Siouxsie Q

Gender: Female

Hair: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Measurements: I was definitely a late bloomer—freckle faced and nerdy. But now that I’m all grown up, I take my inspirations from the classic beauties of our time: Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. I’m a brown-eyed girl with legs for days and raven hair. I’m a yoga addict, so my frame is long and athletic but, as Meghan Trainor says, “with all the right junk in all the right places.”

Education and Background: I grew up in the theatre, the daughter of two working class bohemians. I began studying acting at age seven and eventually got my degree in the Theatre Arts. My original play with music, Fish Girl, was named “Best of the Fringe” at the 22nd Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival in 2013.The adult industry and the theatre have kept close company throughout history.

I started dancing at the late great unionized peep show, The Lusty Lady, in 2010 and just dove into the industry from there.

Favorite Activities: I’m a bit of a workaholic, but when I do manage to pull myself away from writing, performing, and podcasting, I love to unwind with a yoga class followed by a delicious meal and an excellent film. I also love going to the theatre, the ballet and the occasional museum; and this city is an excellent town for all three.

Favorite Foods: Food is a great passion of mine, so I’m always excited to explore new culinary adventures. Be they hole in the wall BBQ joints or Michelin star restaurants, discovering incredible food is one of my favorite hobbies.SQ3

Favorite Movies:  The Princess Bride (though the book is way better) John Waters’ Cry Baby, Quills, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I also have a great love for old musicals and well-made documentaries.

Favorite TV Shows: I’m also huge Game of Thrones fan, so much so that my best friend and I started a fan podcast about the show called Winter is Coming On Your Face. You can check it out here.

I also have a huge crush on Frank Underwood of House of Cards.

Favorite Music: I love listening to public radio or a good podcast while I cook dinner or drift off to sleep at night. I love This American Life, a little too much, in fact, as I got into some trouble with Ira Glass and Chicago Public Media in 2013 when I started my own podcast with a similar title. You can get the whole story here.

Worst Pickup Line: A good friend of mine was on that horrible VH1 show, The Pick Up Artist, and he came back after filming with some of the smarmiest techniques I’d ever seen. Bottom line, pick up lines are always awful. Women prefer to be talked to, joked with, and above all treated with respect.

Women prefer to be talked to, joked with, and above all treated with respect.

Worst Place Hit On: Maxine Holloway and I were on a date at a gay bar in Reno over 4th of July weekend and a guy came up to us and asked if he could take an “us-ie,” as in, a selfie with the two of us. It was weird and annoying.

Worst Date: At 15 I got set up on my first official “date” with a skater boy with terrible acne. We went to the movies and saw Kevin Smith’s Dogma. My date reached over to hold my hand midway through the film. His palms were so sweaty I had trouble holding on. He eventually leaned over and kissed me with a closed mouth, but was more interested in Jay and Silent Bob.

Turn Ons: To me, intelligence and passion are the sexiest parts of a person. I get so turned on laying in bed naked and geeking out about theatre history or Star Trek. I also love foot and leg worship, so I’ll never turn down a firm and sensual massage.

Turn Offs: Disrespect is the quickest way to turn me off.

SQ4Guilty Pleasures: Fancy Groceries. Sushi. High Heels. Vintage Lingerie. Also:Bacon, Baked Goods, and Beezies (ie: ditzy girls)

Interesting Story: My first job in the industry was at The Lusty Lady in San Francisco, a worker owned unionized peep show. The sense of community and camaraderie at that place was truly incredible and I met some of my closest friends while working there. One summer a big group of us decided to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. We rented a suite right on the strip with a huge king size bed with mirrors on the ceiling and a seven person hot tub just steps from the bed. The whole weekend was full of fun loving debauchery, culminating with myself and two other friends hanging out with three beautiful and very naughty deaf Italian boys while three other friends got cozy with Napoleon Dynamite, Batman, and Captain Jack Sparrow (performers from the strip). It was, without a doubt, one of the wildest weekends of my life.

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