tiffany-1Interview with VIP Tiffany Champagne

Gender: Female

Hair: Long Blonde Hair

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Measurements: 5′ 7″ and 34DD-23-34

Education and Background:  I have been modeling since I was 13 years old and I was signed to a NYC agency when I was 15. I also have a background and knowledge of Art, having studied at the College of Design in Pasadena.

Favorite Activities: My favorite past time is traveling to museums all over the country and looking at Art. Traveling, seeing new places, and exploring new cultures is another hobby.

I remember when I visited a friend in Washington DC and he took me to the Smithsonian Museum I was totally overwhelmed by impressive size of the museum. I also love going to the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena, it’s a relaxing outlet.Tiffany-3

Helping others is something I like such as helping other ladies with their look and appearance. Recently I was in my nail salon and since I was running late for a photo-shoot, I started to do my make-up and several ladies were very impressed. They came up to me asked me if I could teach them also. This was very flattering.

Favorite Food: I love coordinating my outfits and then dining out in fine restaurants. I love French cuisine and Japanese food.

Favorite Movies: I have many favorite movies –too many to mention, depends on my mood. “Devil Loves Prada” comes to mind as one of them.

Favorite Music: I love Classical, Jazz and some Rock.

Worst Pickup Line: I was dining out with a girlfriend in Beverly Hills when I was approached by an attractive older man. He was an intelligent and successful attorney and we had a great time chatting. He then stated “Let’s go to my place to see my artwork”. I have to admit that I was curious so my girlfriend excused herself and I went with him. He took me to his office. He immediately tried to kiss me. I said “let’s continue this another time” and I left feeling uneasy. Needless to say, I haven’t heard from him.

tiffany-5Funny Story: I went shopping in Beverly Hills and noticed a paparazzi was video taping me. I was startled and trying to avoid him; I went into a Beverly Hills boutique.  I told the sales lady my concern. She then went to find out what the situation was. He told her why he was video taping me he said “Isn’t she that Blonde Actress?”

Turn Ons: The honest approach is the best approach for me–I value honesty in a gentleman as well as intelligence.

Politeness and having a smile on one’s face, with a sense of humor is probably one of my biggest turn ons.

Turn Offs: Not being polite is something that just doesn’t work for me.

Guilty Pleasures: I prefer Godiva Chocolate and shopping for high fashion clothing. I have expensive tastes…I love all life’s little pleasures and being pampered. I do try to down play my expensive tastes but it is just so hard! It must be my NYC upbringing!

Interesting Story: I once met a stunning woman at a fundraiser. She was 5’11”, blonde, and had incredible bone structure. I honestly thought she may be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She started to talk to me and asked if we could hang out some time. I was very curious about her and went to her website as she had given me the URL. It turned out that she was a transsexual. I was a little surprised because I had not had any experience with such matters and did not know a lot about it. I told tiffany-4her I was too busy to see her. However since meeting her, I have opened up to all kinds of new experiences, fetishes, and different genders. I have even had a few dates. One of the best experiences has been with a man who came to my penthouse in a beautiful business suit. Then he changed into a stunning dress and wig to look like Marilyn Monroe. We ate chocolates and drank Champagne and I even helped him with his make-up. We had fun giggling and talking all night! Unfortunately, he forgot his make-up and without realizing it was his, I gave it away. Oops! However, I bought him some new shades to replace those.

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