TS Wendy Williams

ExhibitionInterview with TS Wendy Williams

Gender:  I am a pre-op Transsexual

Hair Color:  Long red hair (real LOL)

Eye Color:  Greenish blue eyes

Measurements:  Standing 5’11 and 190 pounds

Experience:  I have been involved in the Adult Industry for over 12 years

Education:  Before getting into the Adult Industry I received a Degree in Communications from Eastern Kentucky University. I currently live in Kentucky and travel for business.

Favorite Activities:  Currently, I am working every weekend in Alternative Nightclubs hosting shows or performing in the “drag” shows. During the week I am pretty low key. I get up in the mornings and after a nice warm shower I sit down to catch up on PR work I do for other Industry stars and companies. Once I have caught up on blogs, forums, and checking out local news Ill fix myself a nice dinner. Once the weekend starts approaching I pack my bag with my costumes for the club and prepare for a fun weekend of performing and traveling. I love to travel! I prefer no matter the distance to drive so I can take in the view and just relax.

Favorite TV:  Some of my favorite shows like Game of Thrones, Family Feud, Judge Judy, People’s Court, etc… I can’t wait for True Blood to return to add to my Sunday list. I am also a huge college basketball fan (GO KENTUCKY) and enjoy watching Tennis.

Worst Pick Up Line:  Honestly since I do porn most of my “pickup lines” are about wanting to have sex with me. There is no middle ground since they see me on video or the internet and assume I just have sex all the time and want to sleep with everyone.wendywilliams 1

Worst Place Hit On:  I was at a friends funeral a few years ago and one of the guys who worked there kept looking at me. Even after living as a transgender woman since 2000 I still think its people trying to figure it out, anyhow after the viewing I get up to leave and he follows me out the door to let me know he was a “fan” of my videos and was I visiting for the night. I was kinda thrown off since this was a funeral home but I just smiled and let him know I was only there to pay my respects.

Preferred Approach:  I would prefer a guy even if he is a “fan” or familiar with my work not act like he does. I don’t want to talk about my pornographic job or what his favorite video is or what I was doing in it. If you approach me please remember that “Wendy Williams” is more than just what you see on video. It would be nice to find a guy to settle down with who understands that I have a career and really see it as a job.

Worst Date:  I know this is going to sound odd but I really don’t date or get asked out. I work so much in gay clubs which limits the guys I can meet since the guys there are mostly gay and not into transsexual women and the rest of the time I am traveling for events or work and those guys are there to get laid LOL. The few dates I have went on have been pretty normal or boring. At this time in my life I would love to have that funny date or heck any date but it seems my career has hampered that as of now.

Your tongue can instantly get me crawling all over the place…

Turn Ons:  I love guys who show up looking like they are going on a date, smelling good and dressed nicely. Maybe even bring a cheap gift like flowers from Kroger or have the donation in a nice thank you card. Honestly it not only sets for a good mood but also a fun time. Now for the juicy part I love a guy who is very good with is tongue, HINT HINT. Lets not rush things and just work up but your tongue can instantly get me crawling all over the place.

Turns Offs:  Smelling like smoke, showing up from work not freshly showered (ask if you can shower off), being late, not properly manicured below (come on guys manscape), and just being pushy either on the phone or when you arrive.

wendywilliams 3Guilty Pleasures:  Sadly FOOD…… I am such a food person and love a good meal with lots of carbs and Soda. As I’ve gotten older Ive had to pace myself because of my weight gain but I enjoy food and just have to learn to plan what things I can have and not pack too much in the same week.

Interesting Story:  Several years ago I was working in Houston, Texas when I got a call and the gentleman asked to set up a visit. Once he arrived at the hotel he said he needed to be discreet and if it was ok if before he came into the room if he put a mask on. At first it made me nervous and couldn’t understand why but I agreed to it. So I hear a knock on the door and when I open it he is wearing a white mask like you saw in the movie Scream. He wasn’t talking and really went to straight getting his clothes off. He was a tall, muscular, African American male. So we have an AMAZING session even though the mask was odd and he didn’t speak. So as he gets dressed and leaves he slides the mask off not thinking I saw him and then it became apparent. I recognized him as a fairly well known athlete!

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