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Alysha Tulip Magazine ModelInterview with VIP Alysha Tulip

Age:  35

Hair:  long blonde flowing hair the kind you see on a Victoria secret runway model

Eyes:  brown eyes

Measurements:  34DD, 5’6″‘ and 110lbs – near perfect

Description:  I’m a gorgeous blonde with a hot slim body and curves in all the right places, a heart-shaped bottom, and a smile that will immediately put you at ease. I am extremely toned and fit from exercising daily with soft body, long sexy dancer legs & very flat stomach.

Education:  I am a highly educated, sexy, well put together sensual model and a Certified Massage Therapist.  I speak several languages and enjoy the company of refined, upscale, yet fun gentlemen.  I have a Masters in Teaching ESL, know several languages, A BA in communications and advertising.  I am a certified CMT and I absolutely love massaging people — men & women & couples.

Interests:  I love modeling and acting – I have been in 2 movies. I love outdoor photography and will take pictures anywhere.  My passions are travelling, modeling and massage to nurture the body & soul.

Free Time:  Centering myself is my favorite thing, be calm…calmness goes a long way!

Favorite Movie:  Romantic movies and comediesalysha tulip 1

Favorite Food:  I enjoy fine dining and love checking out new dining places.  I enjoy so many types of food, Italian, French, etc…just about any type.

Favorite Activities:  I love long walks on the beach and sunny weather.  I love going to the spa.  To unwind, I enjoy long bubble baths, topless sunbathing, and hot yoga to increase my flexibility.  I absolutely love running, and am very fit from going to the gym.  While I love many things in life, traveling and dining out & taking pictures are number one!  I do have a current passport & enjoy traveling with the right companion.

Worst Pickup Line:  hey baby whats up?–just doesn’t do it for me, I prefer a classy approach..

Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  A bathroom — just rather shocking!

What Approach Do You Prefer:  Upscale gentleman wanting to hang out, maybe dinner or just a long massage at my home.  I love spending quality time with people, but don’t get me wrong I love to have fun.

Worst Date:  A guy took me to Burger King and kept calling me by another name, he also wanted to introduce me to his ex girlfriend… couldn’t wait to leave — ahhh have some class please!

Turn Ons:  Someone who has your back believes in me–biggest turn on is a soul connection.  Of course, nice looks and a good package helps, but not my major objective.  Successful, good looking, well put together people who enjoy having lots of fun is a turn on–success is a turn on… tall is nice but not a must have.  Good looking people are a turn on, but even more important than good looking is a chemistry of being in the moment with each other.  Also, a naughty connection is fun.  Someone who cares is a real turn on for me.  I enjoy being with more then one person when doing naughty things.  I am extremely toned and fit from exercising daily with a soft body, long sexy dancer legs & very flat stomach.  I’m very bubbly and playful with a great sense of humor — my smile is my best feature, besides my body.

Turn offs:   Bad smells, ungroomed men or women, foul odors — I will not see these type of people.

alysha tulip 2Guilty Pleasures:  I love eating sweet dark Ghirardelli or Godiva chocolate and strawberries too.  I also love wearing lingerie and being nude.  I enjoy long bubble baths, the spa, as I live in the wine country — I have a very naughty and adventurous side.  I will try anything at least once, I love to push the envelope, as they say, compete & go over the edge to the next level at everything.  My passion is that I love being on film or in front of a camera in sexy outfits or even nude.  I enjoy inviting groups of friends or one my sexy girl friends to join us on dates out or going to clubs or for drinks.  I enjoy being with more then one person.

I have a very naughty and adventurous side.

Funny Story:  A vibrator got accidentally hit & turned on in my car as I was going out to dinner with a exclusive business couple for a wine tour meeting.  The vibrator would not stop buzzing, the couple kept asking what the sound was, very embarrassing!  The woman eventually found it and turned it off.  My explanation with a red blushing look on my face — oh I was just bored on my way home yesterday.

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