Interview with VIP Amy Taylor

Age:  37

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Blue

Measurements:  32D-25-35, 5’6”, 125 lbs.

Education:  MBA

Years Working:  12 – on and off

Affiliation:  Independent

Interests:  I love to SCUBA, snow ski, play tennis, golf, and play polo. I’m a competitive marksman, a pilot with several ratings/licenses and I also love to work out, cook, play the piano, and do yoga.

Favorite Movies:  Any silly comedy, I love British humor.  Anything really except for  the horror genre, really.

Favorite Music:  I really love all sorts!  From classical concerts, to tiny jazz venues, from pop spectacles to country bar gigs in Nashville.  I love it all!  Hard to choose.

Favorite Food:  Michelin starred haute dining.  I’ll confess, I’m a bit of a foodie.  Doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy a casual meal but a wildly fancy, exceedingly expensive, meal sure is sexy!

Favorite Activities:  Traveling, day spa pampering, learning something new and being with an amazing man.

Worst Pickup Line:  Probably the various lewd ones.  Gentlemen that will never work with any lady of high caliber – seriously?

Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  Maybe when I was sick in the ER or by a cosmetic surgeon before AND after he remodeled me a bit – definitely bizarre!

Approach That You Prefer:  Oh heavens, just enjoy me as an escort!  Don’t worry about trying to hit on me in regular life.  I love what I do and I am not looking for a different sort of relationship.  Being your escort is what I enjoy at this time!

Being your escort is what I enjoy at this time!

Funny Story:  I had a date with a guy who was afraid of the dark; he didn’t tell me and when I shut off the lights to sleep, he started screaming and crying.  It was a very long three days indeed!

Worst date:  Well, when they go badly, I just leave!  So, nothing has ever really erupted in too much drama. Someone once started telling me he believed he was part alien and only part human.  I sat through dinner listening to his absurdity, wondering how it was possible he ran a multinational corporation.  Amazing!

Turn Ons:  Luxury, sanity, power, good taste, calm confidence, obviously good hygiene and attractive looks.

Turn Offs:  Frugality, bad taste, lack of refinement, eccentricity, guys who date too many women.

Guilty Pleasures:  Chocolate, colored diamonds, luxury travel, haute couture fashion…where do I stop?  Too many to list!

Funny Story:  I was at a bar in another city with a client; he leaned over the bar and a candle lit his hair on fire – he’d used a ton of hair product, so the flames grew quickly!  I decided to try to put out the fire by throwing my drink on him.  Terrible idea (um, alcohol?).  The bartender threw a bucket of ice on his head; he was okay.  The bar paid our bill, at least….

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