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audrey-1Interview with Audrey Michaels

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Hair: Shimmering long red hair

Eye Color: Spectacular Blue Eyes

Measurements: Statuesque 5’8″ sans heels, 32DD-26-36 with an Athletic-Pin Up Shape

Education: I have a BA from a Top US University, cum laude. I’ve been in the business of professional companionship since February 2014 and I’m bi-sexual- I LOVE women 😉

Favorite Activities: If I had “free time”, I’d be traveling in India and the Galapagos Islands!  However, most of my time is consumed by riding my horses, practicing yoga and tai chi, and working out.  When I have some time at night or on a flight, you’ll find me reading.  My favorite topics are spirituality, health & holistic medicine/nutrition, historical fiction, and Nietzsche.  I also love to shoot and drive sports cars when I get the chance.  Some of my clients enjoy this too and its one of my favorite date activities.  Anything outdoors is also a favorite: Botanical Gardens, Conservatories, or wild life/rescue centers.

Favorite Music: My favorite music is kirtan (Bhagvan Das, Jai Uttal), which is a type of devotional chanting.  When I have the opportunity with a group, I sing devotional songs in Hebrew, Hindu, and Sanskrit; my most treasured activity!  I listen to a lot of classical jazz (Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Nina Simone), classical Indian and Sikh music (Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan, Ali Akbar Khan).  For working out or a spirited drive in my car I love Tom Petty, 80’s music, Bollywoood, or House/Trance.

Favorite Movies: My favorite movies are independent and traditional films, such as, Raise the Red Lantern or Curse of the Golden Flower.  I also love audrey-4watching Kung Fu movies, especially Donny Yen films: Iron Monkey, Ip Man, etc.  My favorite modern American movies are cult films including Rocky Horror, The Big Lebowski, Lord of the Rings, any James Bond film, and Fight Club.  I like to watch something that actually has something of value to add to my life.  I don’t want to waste 2 hours on rubbish!  OK, Bond is a guilty pleasure; I love sports cars and beautiful women.  Daniel Craig and Sean Connery aren’t so bad either 😉 I don’t watch TV.

Favorite Food: My favorite food is most any type of ethnic cuisine: Ethiopian, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Guyanese.  On a daily basis I eat lentils, beans, vegetables, soups and… dark chocolate!  I love to cook, but I will only cook when I’m hosting a guest or having a dinner party.  I go all out, five courses of really amazing thoughtfully prepared cuisine.

Worst Pickup Line: Well, that has to be when men walk up to me in stores and say, “I’ve always wanted to sleep with a redhead!”  It happens with unbelievable regularity and often times in Whole Foods, LOL.  I laughingly say, “well, I guess its your lucky day!” Then, I turn on my heel as I wink and walk away with a hair-flip that says “NOT!”  I disregard people who are vulgar, uncouth, or otherwise inappropriate.

Worst Place you have been hit on: Aside from Whole Foods?  My shrink’s office, he’s into redheads too!  Just kidding 😉  Probably, walking on the streets of Jordan or Israel, where unctuous men routinely hiss at me and say: “eh, ginger come have a coffee with me!”

What Approach Do You Prefer: That goes to the eye surgeon in DC who audrey-3left me at a Tapas restaurant because I wouldn’t sleep with him at the beginning of our SECOND date!  He picked me up at my building and said, “let’s go upstairs and order in”.  I laughed and politely declined.  He got the last word when he dropped me off at the curb, he was “going to park the car so you don’t have to walk”.  Haha, he left.  I already grabbed a table and ordered drinks and tapas awaiting his return.  Ouch, that was embarrassing; especially because I didn’t bring my wallet and I had to walk home and return to pay the tab!  Ah, the obtuseness of youth

Funny Story: My initial turn on to a gentleman is that he’s paid attention to me: read my site, understands who I am- not what I look like, what I have to offer, and has something intelligent and on-point to say in his introduction to me.  Attitude and presentation are primary.  Upon our date, I appreciate a man who is clean, respects my time, my boundaries, and is open to a new and unique experience.  Personality, not ego, is the greatest turn on for me.  Someone who can carry on a conversation about something intelligent that he has passion for.  Cars, guns, women, philosophy, trading stocks, spiritual sincerity, soul-searching or simply sharing a great bottle of red wine and pondering the imponderable.  That’s sexy.

Turn Offs: Pushy men who don’t “show up” to the date and they try to dictate the flow of our interaction.  Someone who arrives with a script, a checklist of things to do in what order.  Yuck.  Why are you here?  If you are not open and coming to meet me with no expectation or demands, I will not have a good time.  Usually, I will be polite and oblige for your benefit, but sometimes I will kick you out!  Meeting is a mutual endeavor and it’s not about mechanical activities.  An interaction between two unique individuals is totally pristine and ecstasy occurs with genuine “presence”.  This occurs with an open heart and an open mind, arriving without judgment or demands.  Now, that is NOT the same as having discussed a fantasy scenario or some idea/activity to explore beforehand.  Clarifying a boundary or setting up a dream “to experience” is encouraged!  But it will unfold organically.  That is sexy.

Guilty Pleasure: Well, I’ve already admitted to my fondness for Bond movies audrey-2and sports cars.  The occasional steak or better yet, lamb chops are a very guilty pleasure.  Even worse, a greasy hamburger and beer battered onion rings!

Interesting Story: A relatively PG story has to be the time I talked an ex into letting me go to a strip club and “pretend” to audition as a dancer so he could watch me (ok, I didn’t have to pull his leg too hard to get him to agree!).  I’m a terrible exhibitionist and he was a terrible voyeur, a good combo!  It was so sexy!  I danced two songs while all the men in the club ogled me and then we went left.

Another funny story, the first time I was at a nudist resort and let my breasts and bum get burned!  Yikes, did you notice how white I am?  I diligently rolled stick sunscreen over my nipples, leaving a white flower-like pattern inside of my red breasts!  Funny and painfully itchy at the same time.  I scratched my T&A for weeks after that trip!

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