Ava-2Interview with VIP Ava Raleigh

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Measurements: 28H-26-37 natural hourglass

Best feature: My boobs and long, slim legs get a lot of attention but I’m quite fond of how a well tailored dress brings all my best features together.

Education: BA in English 

Years working: My one year escortversary is this month!

Affiliation: Happily independent

Free Time: I am honestly a total homebody and introvert, so most of my free time is either spent curled up with a cup of tea a good book (currently making my way through “Reading Lolita in Tehran”) or having a low key evening with friends. I host rad dinner parties on the reg!

Ava-4Favorite Movie: My taste in films runs the gamut from Pixar to Kevin Smith to Rocky Horror, but one of my all time favorites is “It Happened One Night.” Starring Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable, this screwball romantic comedy came out in 1934 right when the Hayes Code started being enforced. The constraints created by the fear of censorship actually make the film, the dialogue sparkles with suggestion and clever innuendo. I think the movie is a shinning example of how leaving things to the imagination can be more evocative than showing everything outright. 

Favorite Music: My musical taste favors classic standards (Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter tunes is my favorite way to spend a Sunday), classical music and ballets, Broadway show tunes, the Beatles, and contemporary female singer/songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Florence Welch, and Amanda Palmer.

Favorite Food: My favorite meal is pizza topped with fried eggplant (if eggplant isn’t around pepperoni will do just fine) and a Belgian wheat or Flanders ale, and my favorite dessert is chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick.

Favorite activities: I enjoy reading, writing, improving my swing dancing skills, and meandering through the beautiful parks and greenspaces of Atlanta.

Worst Pickup Line: One time this guy said he had a problem with his phone and handed it to me. When I asked what the issue was he said “It doesn’t have your number in it.” Not my style, might have worked better if that wasn’t the first thing he said to me!

Ava-5Worst Place Hit On: Pro tip: a funeral is not the time or place to put the moves on someone.

Best Approach: Honestly I’m kind of an oblivious nerd, so I typically respond best to a blunt but respectful approach. I like physical compliments of course, but when first meeting showing interest in my opinions and insights will likely get you further with me than complimenting my tits. However feel free to compliment them later 😀

Worst Date: Oh dear, I had a date with a lovely gentleman once that was ruined by me getting sick at the wrong moment. He ordered wine and ice cream, two things I love and it just settled in my stomach wrong. I felt so bad, but my date was so sweet about it! I really don’t have very many bad dates, my suitors tend to be awesome, kind, accomplished dudes.

Turn Ons: Rolled up sleeves and glasses on men gets me everytime. I love unabashed nerdiness, in my opinion everyone has something they are passionate and knowledgeable enough about to nerd out over. I also have quite sensitive ears, make of that what you will 😉

Turn Offs: More than anything, the idea that I’m here to do a service. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, nor do I attempt to be. I am here to be a partner in creating memorable experiences, and am best suited to those seeking the same.

Guilty Pleasures: My ultimate guilty pleasure is Five Guys Burgers and Fries. So bad it’s good.

Funny Story: I don’t have a car, so I go inside the bank to deposit my cash and always seem to get the same teller. I told her I nanny Ava-3for an eccentric family in a well to do neighborhood to explain the frequent large cash deposits. Because I keep getting her, I’ve had to develop this ongoing saga of these phantom kids I nanny for and their antics. It’s actually a pretty fun creative game and she seems none the wiser!

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