bad bunny 3Interview with VIP Bad Bunny

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Ethnicity: Costa Rican, Irish and Polish

Hair: Long, flowing, sable-stained tresses.

Eye Color: A spectacular medley of potent green, vibrant grey, and hypnotic blue; alternating shades that come and go as they please.

Measurements: Svelte and petite. A labyrinth of taut, youthful curves, delicate fair skin, and intriguing works of art. 34DD-26-35

Education: I was privately educated in a religious school setting for most of my growing-up.  I graduated young, started college young, and now just consider myself a genuine student of life.

Affiliation: An exclusive, true independent.

Favorite Activities: I’m a total craft nerd. I love all things vintage, and have a huge appreciation for history and tradition.  I love great food and exploring new places, but value my own company and personal space just as much.bad bunny 1

Worst Pick Up Line: I think everyone could agree to the fact that the use of pick up lines is just a mistake in itself. BUT.. regardless of how obnoxious or ridiculous. I’m always grateful for the catcalls, as well as the people who are bold enough to deliver them. Because in reality, worse than actually receiving the catcalls themselves, is the case where someone doesn’t receive any catcalls at all.

Worst Place Hit On: In the back of a police car. Haha. Don’t ask.  It was a crazy night.

What Approach Do You Prefer: I’m super laid back and uniquely down to earth. A sense of humor goes a long ways with me, and laughter paves the way to my heart. Honest gestures mixed with some playful banter, topped with a guileless disposition? ..YES PLEASE!!!

Worst Date: The very worst date I can recall was probably the one on Valentines Day, close to ten years ago now.  I had been picked up from my house to be taken out for dinner, and I hadn’t brought anything with me besides myself.  After we finished eating and were brought the bill, I noticed my “date” progressively become more panicky as he patted through his pockets, clearly attempting to locate his wallet. I knew what was coming.
…it was a terrible night.

bad bunny 5Turn Ons: A great sense of humor is definitely the biggest turn on for me. I LOVE a good quick-wit. Undeniable chemistry and synonymous seduction is also super sexy.

Turn Offs: I can’t stand people who are constantly soliciting attention. It’s just too much of being the complete opposite from me. Being loud is also super annoying. And poor spelling bugs me.

Guilty Pleasures: Tattoos. And food. And girls…yeah, definitely girls.

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