Bristol-1Interview with VIP Bristol

Age:  22 years old

Hair Color:  Blonde

Eye color:  Memorizing big hazel eyes

Measurements: 32DDD-24-36

Height:  5’5″

Best Features: I have new beautiful breasts that I love! (My doctor did a fabulous job on them if I say so myself)

A tinny waste, smooth baby soft skin, and a tight little booty.

Background: Some College- I was going to school to major in Early Childhood Education and minoring in Child Psychology. I wanted to be a preschool teacher and then a kindergarten teacher. When and if I go back I would probably change my major to Criminal Psychology and still minor in Child Psychology.

I have been in this industry for about 3 years now. I have always been Independent from day one. I love what I do. I am a big social butterfly. I meet so many different types of people and learn so much about life experiences and culture. I have experienced so much in this industry I would love to write a book one day. I am not that type of woman that thinks she knows everything. I love to absorb knowledge. That’s one thing no one can ever take away from you.

Favorite Activities: On my free time I am very much a home body. I love being in my comfy clothes and reading a good book, crocheting, or watching one of my crime shows on ID TV (Investigation Discovery).Bristol-2

Even though I am a home body the other half of me is a true California hippy girl. I love to go bike riding, swimming, hiking, boating, and camping. I haven’t been surfing ,scuba diving or skiing would love too!

I run everyday. my goal this year is to run a full marathon.

Favorite Movies: I have quit the old sole. I love old movies like Some Like It Hot, The Great Gatsby (the original) and Casa Blanca.

Favorite Food: I am vegan, have been most of my life. I do love fashion so I do wear leather. But I am not a salad woman. I LOVE MY CARBS! …At least the ones I can eat. Spaghetti and garlic bread! -Heaven on earth. I’m Italian what can I say. 😉

Worst Pick Up Line: I don’t think I have any lines dropped on me. But when I’m walking down the street people are ridiculous. I get whistles and hollers from the not so professional men…if you know what I mean.

Worst Place Hit On: When I am with my mother, baby brother and sister.

What Approach Do You Prefer: If you are a well dressed business man who is confident, kind, and generous I would never mind for you to stop and say “Hi”.

Worst Date: I love animals. I met this younger man who had a pit-bull. This man was so self-absorbed it was draining. He’s dog was to die for though and it loved me. I ended up giving the dog so much attention every time I came over he started locking the dog up… HE GOT JEALOUS OF HIS OWN PUPPY.

Turn Ons: Honest, genius, educated, older gentlemen are very sexy.

Bristol-3Turn Offs: The biggest turn offs for me is dishonesty. I greatly dislike when people tell you they will do something for you and does not follow through or haven’t had any plans to do so. I don’t need fake dreams and promises sold to me. No woman does. Honesty is the best policy.

Guilty Pleasures: Fashion and make-up. I can not help it! Who doesn’t like to look and feel good about themselves?

Funny Story: When I first entered this industry, a gentlemen left and I began to clean up. I looked on the white sheets and seen something on them…LETS JUST SAY IT WASN’T CHOCOLATE. And I never heard from him again thank goodness.

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