bunnie2Interview with VIP Bunnie

Age: 29

Hair Color: Platinum blonde w. black streaks

Eye Color: Green

Measurements: 36 – 24 – 36

Education: Vocational & College…Cosmetologist & 2 yrs. towards my bachelor degree in interior design.

Favorite Activities: I love to work out, be outside as much as possible. Water speaks to my soul! Any water sports, beaches, or activities…everything is better wet.

And traveling! I love to adventure to new places & experience new things & cultures.

Favorite Movies: I am an all American girl so anything that can make me smile, laugh or cry at the movies, I’m all for.

Favorite Food: As far as food, I love a good home cooked meal because I am an amazibunnie1ng cook believe it or not!

Favorite Music: My dad is an old school rocker & still rockin’ as we speak! lol.. so I love all classic & southern rock, country, anything that is considered REAL music. Not this techno garbage.

Worst Pickup Line: I’ve heard so many but probably “Wanna play carnival? Sit on my face and I guess how much you weigh.” Lol

Worst Place Hit On: Hands down at a funeral.

Best Approach: I’d say laughter.. if you can sincerely make me giggle – you’ve won half the battle.

Date Story: Omg… I have a few but their was this one guy I was dating & he thought it would be hilarious to poop in my purse as a prank. It was hilarious but when I saw the size & color of his poop, I lost all interest! It was like a Great Dane! TRUE STORY!

Turn ons: Confidence not cockiness, personality & the ability to laugh at yourself.

Turn offs: Smelly breath & arrogance.

Guilty Pleasures: Lingerie & secret rendezvous

^B5A8C973C1AFF61F38EA7066A2C970E2575AEEB0969D2CB684^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrFunny Story: Again sooo many, but one time I went to a KISS concert & Paul Stanley stole my phone on stage & then threw it back at me (I have the video). Gene Simmons kept throwing full water bottles & soaking wet towels at me the entire concert. They were like little boys picking on the girl in their kindergarten class! Lol


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