VIP Ciri Lane

Ciri LaneInterview with VIP Ciri Lane

Hair Color:  Long ravenous hair

Eye Color:  Blue

Measurements:  34HH (new)-23-33

Height:  5″6″

Best Features:  I am not your typical “high volume” provider; my best feature is the connection that I have with my clients that goes beyond outward appearance.

Education:  I hold several degrees. I am an erudite and internationally educated conversationalist whose European background peaks my interest in Art History. I have a passion for and am highly influenced by the French history of courtesans. I especially love to read about Ninon de l’Enclos.

Favorite Activities:  Before all else, I love to learn. I love to travel, learn new languages and exploring different religions. I thrive on intellectual stimulation and have an extremely eclectic taste in music. I trained in ballet so I have a sentimental attachment to classical music and opera. I truly draw a parallel between music and the human anatomy of a heart beat.

Worst Pick Up Line:  I was attending a private party on a yacht in France when I was approached as I sat at the bar. The gentleman immediately started to brag about all of his wealth and affluent friends (who were late to the party mind you) when ciri 3he suddenly told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. After he begged for several minutes I teasingly agreed to his proposal… then of course he accused me of marrying him for his money. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

Worst Place Hit On:  I was an on-looker at a protest against the death of a teenager killed while leaving a graffiti tag on an underpass, when a politician who was using the rally as part of his campaign platform asked if he could take me to dinner sometime.

What Approach Do You Prefer:  To me the content and quality of one’s character is paragon. I want a man who is a gentleman and who can stimulate my intelligence.

I was only wearing lingerie and I was topless…

Funny or Worst Date:  While in London, I was visiting a personal friend and I had set my room up to feel sexy and romantic. I had lit candles on all the tables and anywhere else that they would fit. We were being playful and wrestling around when a feather pillow knocked over the candles on the bedside table. The pillow went up in flames immediately and proceeded to scorch the carpet, phone and anything else nearby. We jumped up to put out the flames as a security guard knocked at the door. I was only wearing lingerie and I was topless. My friend went into the bathroom as I opened the door while trying to conceal my rather large breasts. After the excitement of the ordeal, I said goodnight to my friend and went out to find some food but most importantly a place to discard the charred feather pillow. I felt like I could not dispose of it at the hotel so I shoved it into a duffel bag and took it with me to a wonderful Indian restaurant. I slowly ate my food dreading what I knew had to happen when I left the restaurant. When I concluded my dinner I found the closest trashcan in an alley one street over. As I removed the pillow from the bag and pushed it into the trashcan, feathers started to fly everywhere. It was snowing white down feathers all over me, the alley and out into the street. It was like a scene from a comedy movie but luckily the hotel never charged me for the pillow or any other damage.

ciri 5Turn Ons:  I enjoy the true art of seduction, mystery and connecting to someone on a deeper level. I want to know you from the inside out.

Turn Offs:  I dislike mean and cheap people. Impoliteness and disrespect in general is a big turn off for me.

Guilty Pleasures: I am a lingerie aficionado, collecting lingerie from all over the world.

Also, like I mentioned before, I love to learn new things and absorbing new languages and cultures.

I am slightly dorky…I love to sing in the shower.

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