isabella 1Interview with VIP Isabella


Gender:  Bisexual Female

Age: This year I will be 1 year older than last year, lol.

Hair Color: My hair is dark long and natural. 

Eye Color:  My eyes are hazel but depending on my mood they will change like a “chameleon”.

Measurements: 34 DD, 65-90 cm

Background: I am a TV presenter and I have been on many music programs on a very important channel. I am an actress and also a media researcher with a degree.

I got into this profession after I participated in a very important contest in my hometown so I decided to follow fame.

In the UK I was doing a lot of casting calls and trying to fit in many areas, but in the meantime as a survival strategy I decided to become an escort. It wasn’t an easy decision but I discovered that I was increasing my contacts and having so much fun while doing what I like the most, sharing with real amazing people.

Favorite Activities: I love to exercise at the gym but basically, my hobby is to travel and discover. I also just love to have a quite time with a great movie.

Summers in London are perfect for practicing tennis, going to the park and riding bikes in the city.

Favorite Food: I love to go to restaurants, my favorite food is Japanese but I also love Italian.

Favorite Music: My music selection depends of the situation but I totally love dance and house music to party with. At home, I prefer more relaxed music – I love classical and romantic hits.

Worst Pickup Line: A guy once said, “If you give me your name and phone number I will invite you for a drink.”  My answer, “Don’t worry – I don’t drink!” hahahaha

Worst Place Hit On: In a cemetery at a funeral for a friend. This sad, confused and very intense guy was trying to convince me to go out and have some fun. Now, it is funny to think about.

Preferred Approach:  A commentary about the music, the food, the weather, we know where we are going…

Funny Story: Once, i went to have private session with a friend that likes to be handcuffed to the bed, he asked me to do it and leave him for a while and come back anytime I wished. He didn’t give his room keys to me so when I wanted to come back he couldn’t open or answer the phone… OMG! I was in a horrible situation without knowing what to do. Meanwhile, he was trying to break the handcuffs ( good quality ones ). Hours passed and I decided to tell the concierge in private. He didn’t want to open the room without conformation from the client though. In the end and after a good tip the concierge walked with me to the room and let me in. We laughed about it for hours!

Meanwhile he was trying to break the handcuffs ( good quality ones ).

isabella 2Turn Ons:  While with the first encounter we will have a great time discovering each other pleasures and secrets. The longer the date, the better it gets. Sexy, crazy and new is always a turn on. From a simple relaxing evening to a crazy sporadic time, pleasure is the key.

Guilty Pleasures: Ummm… As a bi-sexual entertainer sometimes I get more into the woman or into the guy so I need to enjoy but try to balance. So, I will call it a guilty pleasure. Apart from champagne and chocolates.

Interesting story: I had an inquiry from a client’s assistant, she was giving me details for the trip and she informed me that the client is high profile (as many of them are). I traveled to see him and I was surprised that it was my boss (the president of the TV channel). I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting mute in the hotel suite, sweating and thinking about what to say. He took my hand and told me that he always wanted to see me in private and he asked his assistant to arrange a date with me. OMG!!  At first, I felt uncomfortable but after a while I was just laughing. He is an amazing man and now we are great friends!

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