lorena 3Interview with VIP Lorena De Leon

Age:  38 years old

Hair Color:  Dirty Blonde

Eye color:  Brown

Measurements: 34DD-26-34

Height:  5’6″

Best Features: I’m all-woman, a mix of Portuguese and Swedish, and a very young 38. My eyes are probably my best feature and they are brown. I’m sure you thought I would say my moneymaker is my best feature, but it definitely is at the top of the list of amazing assets. I have dirty blonde hair and I’m a very leggy, curvaceous, and 5″6′ tall with some amazing DDs.

Background: I have been on Eros since 2004 and it’s been great! I started out promoting myself in the San Diego, CA area and now I work mainly out of Las Vegas, NV, but I do travel the globe quite a bit. In 2008, I became an independent and have been managing my own career ever since.

Favorite Activities: My life never stops being fun, whether I’m working or enjoying leisure time.

Since I lived in the La Costa area, I like watching golf and even saw Tiger Woods win some of his major titles. I also enjoy watching football with the guys and cheering on my favorite team, The Chargers. And I don’t just sit around watching sports, I’m also very much into working out and go to the gym a lot to keep my amazing physique.lorena 2

Favorite Movies: I love mafia movies like “The Godfather,” and “Casino” but the softer side of me likes a romantic movie sometimes like “The Notebook”.

Favorite Music: My musical tastes could be considered Alternative, but I also like Heavy Metal and Reggae. Going to live shows is something I love to do, and I have seen Guns ‘N’ Roses, Nickelback and Bush in concert.

Favorite Food: I love champagne brunches and seafood (especially lobster) is my favorite kind of food.

Worst Pick Up Line: There are so many, but there’s one that definitely sticks in my mind. I was eating lunch with my mom and this guy came up to me and said, “Would it be OK to ask for your phone number while you’re eating with your mom?” Yeah, that was creepy.

Worst Place Hit On: I would have to say the grocery store when the produce guys asks you to try some fresh fruit, but they’re really just trying to get fresh with you.

What Approach Do You Prefer: The direct approach is best, be honest, creative, and witty or even make me laugh.

Memorable Date Experience: All I can think of are the amazing dates that I have had and there are two that were beyond amazing. One date paid to fly my photographer and me to Hawaii for a photo shoot. In addition to beautiful photos, I also got to spend three days in paradise.lorena 4

On another date, I was whisked off first class to Amsterdam. While there, I got to see the sites, shop and order room service. Then, we went to London and hit some swank places like world famous international bar, Call the Office. The whole trip was five magical days.

Turn Ons: I would say start with the basics. Read my reviews and check out my website and these will give you a few clues. I like someone to get to really know me. If you do some research, you will know little things that mean a lot to me, like I like to meet at the Valet and my drink of choice is Jack Daniels with ice an extra limes.

I like men to see me beyond my pictures and know there’s more to me than that. I’m the type of woman that goes the extra mile, who will bring a birthday cake to an appointment if I know it’s your birthday and wear the lingerie you requested to make you go wild. It’s more about the GFE and the effort I put into every single appointment.

One thing that really turns me on is bringing my girlfriends in for sexy duos, like the time Nikki Avalon and I did an appointment together and let me tell you it was hot and you can even read the review.

Turn Offs: There are a few things, but being mean spirited would be Number 1. I want to be treated as a companion. I’m always trying to give the Girlfriend Experience, but I do know chemistry is really important and sometimes people just don’t click.

lorenaGuilty Pleasures: Of course! I love sweets like chocolate, modeling hi-end, luxury lingerie like La Perla and Agent Provocateur and maybe a pink vibrator with little diamonds on it. And, I do really love fox furs there’s nothing like laying on a bed in a fur coat with a hot man.

Funny Story: My clients run the gamut and I get everything from 21 year olds and up. I met a businessman at the Four Seasons for lunch. As we lunched in the exclusive and packed restaurant, he told me that he had a dirty little secret. He and I were scheduled for an overnight, and I quickly found out what his secret was. He liked strutting around in Versace dresses and Jimmy Choo high heels. And, he wanted to me to apply his makeup and dress up in his pretty clothes, but they were too big for me since he was so tall and muscular. I appreciate all my clients, kinks and their need to express them. That’s what the GFE is all about!

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