Natasha-1Interview with VIP Natasha Lee

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Ethnicity: I classify myself as “Eurasian” although I was not born in Europe nor Asia, I think it’s a good descriptor of my appearance and cultural mix.  I’m mixed race, half Asian, and half Scotch-Irish/British.

Hair Color: I have long dark brown, almost black hair. 

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’8″ in bare feet

Weight: 145 lbs.

Measurements: 36C-26-38, I am an athlete and yoga teacher, so muscular, but with lots of curves.  I’m a strong but feminine woman, and I think my shoulders, arms, derrière, and feet are some of my best features.

Years Working: I’ve been a happy and healthy participant in the industry since I was 19…so 16 years now!  I have played in all arenas, I started as a hard Domme, but gradually started exploring Tantra and yoga, incorporating bodywork and more deliberate sensuality into my world.  I adore being a Dominant but loving companion.

Natasha-2Education: I have a breadth of varied education, and have studied everything from philosophy and political science, to music, art, and mechanics.  I’m certified in many forms of bodywork, yoga, and movement and I also enjoy teaching a variety of classes in my daily life.

Favorite Music: I grew up playing classical music, so I have a permanent love affair with the symphony, and tango music is my absolute favorite.  But I listen to everything…lots of jazz and blues, folk, indie music, latin, hip hop, world music, classic country, rock.   If the musician is talented, I will probably love it. 

Favorite Food: I have moonlighted as a chef throughout my life, and I am a very adventurous eater so I seek out innovation and sustainable , farm to table type restaurants every chance I get.

Favorite Activities:  I have a lot of passionate hobbies…I am often rock climbing, training handstands, partner acrobatics and circus, traveling the world, taking in museums, concerts, and amazing food.  

I love to try my hand at new sports, spend time on or near the water on any kind of boat, board, or beach.  I love camping, hiking, and have recently taken up archery and dancing. 

I also love to read, cook, get massages, visit hot springs, and produce events.  I’m a performer and actor, so I’m often throwing parties, fundraisers, and producing shows.  From the mundane to the ridiculous to the completely over the top party of your dreams…

Natasha-3Worst Pickup Line: The worst pick up lines are the ones I can’t even remember.  I think inarticulate catcalling, in all forms would count.  If someone doesn’t have a clever line, but is sincere and not invasive I appreciate their effort.   

Worst Place Hit On: In taxi cabs with family members!

Best Approach: Someone recently slipped a clever note under my hotel room door.  The timing was unfortunate, but I found it charming.  I also find discretion to be very attractive.  A discreet exchange of business cards, and a request to talk at a convenient time is lovely.  I am always amenable to the tried and true.  Buy me a drink, tell me a joke, and get right to the point in a discreet and endearing way.  Humor is always a turn on.

Turn Ons: I love fulfilling fantasies…so when we get to know each other a little bit and you tell me what really makes you tick?  That will get my creative juices flowing.  I’m very verbal, so I love to elaborate on a fantasy in the moment.  I love to take ideas and spin them into stories.  Illuminating fetishes and peccadilloes?  Amazing.  Telling me your deepest darkest secrets? So hot.  I have a very voyeuristic side, so I enjoy the experience of being performed for, or being offered an opportunity to create dynamic energy within universe of two…or three…or more.

Turn Offs: I am an extrovert, and can deeply enjoy drawing out an introvert, but someone who isn’t forthcoming about their desires makes it difficult to connect. I am also fairly allergic to perfumes, so a heavy dose of axe body spray, dryer sheets, or cheap cologne is definitely a turn off.  A small does of quality cologne is lovely.  But a simple shower is all I need.   I’m a natural lady, and appreciate the natural body.

Guilty Pleasures: I try to live in a world where pleasure and guilt do not go hand in hand.  But I do have a few.  Action movies, sci-fi novels, hot springs or a jacuzzi, a remarkable bottle of wine, and sleeping in whenever I can.

Natasha-4Interesting Story:  A lovely friend of mine who had been having difficulty parsing the particular nature of our relationship, came to see me one day to bring me a beautiful share of CSA vegetables and visit me after a long time apart.  We sat in my living room and talked.  He is a very successful man, but one who had experienced deep loss in his life, and was coming to me in the period just after that loss.  He had been overwhelmed by our connection, as had I, and I had helped him to contextualize in it’s proper parameters.  As we sat in my living room, he told me he had had a dream.  He said the dream was that he was bringing a friend to meet me, a friend who walked with canes, from a terrible and life long disease.  He said in the dream that they came to visit me, and as we sat on my couches and chatted, a feeling of relief was palpable.  At the end of the dream, he and his friend left, walked away.  HIs friend had no use for his canes. 

 I asked him what he thought about that dream, and he told me, “I think that dream is telling me that you are healing me. I said thank you, and I am so glad that you are allowing this healing into yourself. I haven’t seen him since, but he  is thriving and living and for that I am deeply grateful.  For the time spent together, and for the healing that it brought.

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