paloma 2Interview with VIP Paloma Montecarlo

Age:  27 years old

Hair Color:  Long brunette locks

Eye color:  Brown seductive eyes

Measurements:  34C-24-32

Height:  5″3″

Education: I am a Latina Bombshell with high intellect.I hold an Undergraduate degree in Business and I am currently an MBA student with a concentration in Finance.

Affiliation:  I have been in this industry for almost 4 years as an independent companion.

Favorite Activities: I do not have the luxury of a great amount of free time due to my studies but when I do, I love to travel to new and exciting places rich in culture. I enjoy museums, art galleries or anything related to art. Also, I love film photography specially of erotic, sensual, insinuating content. I am also an innate writer, I love to write about my experiences and help others with the power of written content. I also volunteer a few hours a month for organizations/charities dear to my heart.

Favorite Movie:  My favorite movie is “Eyes Wide Shut” By Stanley Kubrick. I love Woody Allen’s films as well (Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona are among my favorites)

Favorite Music:  I have a very eclectic music taste, and my preferences vary depending on the mood. I enjoy Sade, George Michael, The Weekend and even some electronic/dance music. I like songs that tell a story, that can transport you to certain situations that you can relate to or that can instantly transmit a vibrant, positive emotion.paloma 3

Favorite Food:  I love trying new flavors, different cuisines, new culinary inventions, and rare foods/products. On a recent trip to NYC I was very fortunate to try out of all things Fugu! I am eager to try Molecular Cuisine soon.

Worst Pick Up Line:  Are you a library book? Because I’d like to check you out.

Worst Place Hit On:  School while in class, added to the amount of nervousness and total newness to certain classes plus the stress of exams, it is strange to find little notes from classmates asking you out or leaving chocolates on your desk.

I gravitate towards men that can seduce my mind first.

What Approach Do You Prefer:  A chivalrous, non-aggressive approach, combined with great confidence and edge. Difficult right? I thought so too, but there is nothing sexier and more attractive that a man who exhilarates confidence and keeps a girl engaged in an interesting conversation. I gravitate towards men that can seduce
my mind first.

Funny or Worst Date: I went on a first date with a classmate during my undergraduate studies. We went to dinner, and we decided it was a good idea to check out a recent a club that was recently opened in Miami at the time. Feeling adventurous and trying to impress him with my dance moves, I made a very sexy move that landed me on the floor, hit my head and burst my upper lip open. Needless to say to, the second date never happened.

Turn Ons: Men with great sense of humor, drive, charisma, and chivalry always impress me. Additionally, impeccable grooming and style are among my turn ons but, more importantly, intelligence, kindness and confidence.

paloma 1Turn Offs:  I dislike arrogant, narcissistic and selfish individuals. Moreover, I also dislike poor grammar and spelling, poor manners.

Guilty Pleasures:  I deeply enjoy all kinds of wine (I love Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile and  Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand). I indulge into dark chocolate and ultra feminine perfumes.

Interesting Story:  I am a bit of an exhibitionist, without getting into the steamy details… I was being very adventurous on the elevator one day at an office building after hours…unluckily, someone decided to stay late working. The door opened to a very naughty scene and I  just wanted to go down the rabbit hole. Fortunately, I did not work there but my partner in crime did… we still laugh about it.

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