sitara 2Interview with VIP Sitara Devi

Gender: Female

Age: 30’s

Ethnicity: East Indian

Hair Color: Long black hair

Eye Color: Big brown eyes

Measurements: I am petite at 5’2”

Education: I hold a few higher level degrees from well known Universities in the United States.

Affiliation: I have been working as a Courtesan for close to 10 years.

Favorite Activities: I love to travel. Checking out new cities is one way I am able to expand and grow as a person. I really enjoy learning about new cultures and the way different people live their lives on our Planet. I really enjoy yoga. I try to get to a yoga class every few days and enjoy going to yoga and spiritual retreats as often as possible. I enjoy dancing and love Broadway.

Favorite Movies: I love Chick Flicks and Romantic Comedy films. I also enjoy Independent Films that are well made and have really deep subject matter that provokes a lot of emotion.sitara 1

Favorite Foods: I love spicy food such as Indian and Thai. I have a huge sweet tooth and my favorite part of any meal is of course, dessert!

Worst Pick Up Line: “Ooh baby is that a keg behind you…because I would love to tap that ass!” Such an awful line…

Worst Place Hit On: At a 7-11 liquor store when I was in no mood to be hit on.

What Approach Do You Prefer: When a man is intelligent and witty and compliments me on something beyond my physical looks.

Perfect Date: I love when men choose classy restaurants with great food and fine wine and we can enjoy each others company in a cozy atmosphere. I enjoy flirty banter where we can both get to know each other and then go out on the town either to see a great show or to do some dancing. Enjoying an activity together and spending time holding hands or holding each other close really helps set the tone for the fun we both intend to have privately later on in the night.

I am turned on by a man who compliments me and allows me to be a lady…

Turn Ons: I am turned on by a well groomed and well dressed man. I enjoy witty conversation. I am turned on by a man who compliments me and allows me to be a lady, where he leads and plans the date and I can simply be feminine and womanly in his presence. I love a man who knows how to use his hands on cars, on computers, on gadgets and on me!

sitara 3Turn Offs: Someone who is not generous is a big turn off. I also do not like it when men are not kind. A man who is boastful and not humble also really can turn me off very easily.

Guilty Pleasures: My guilty pleasures are anything on BRAVO TV. I love the watching the Kardashians as well as the Reality Housewives show. Another guilty pleasure is chocolate; I could eat it all day. A secret guilty pleasure that I indulge in often is watching porn…I really am a visual creature and love watching porn.

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