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veronica 1Interview with VIP Veronica

Age:  33

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes:  Summer Blue

Measurements: I am a stunning 5’9″ – ALL Legs and always in heels. My long blonde hair and summer blue eyes compliment my 36-24-37 frame, topped off with Natural 36DD’s.

Description:  I am VIP Veronica, an elite Atlanta escort who caters to distinguished gentleman and executives with discriminating taste. I am the perfect choice for verifiable gentlemen who want to experience the best that life has to offer with someone special and discrete. I am the perfect date for any event, occasion, trip or a cozy night in. I truly appreciate polite & courteous gentlemen who crave an intimate experience being treasured & indulged!

Affiliation:  An exclusive independent companion

Education:  I am highly educated both here and abroad; I am the ideal date for the discerning gentleman who prefers elegance and class as well as FUN in his dates.

Favorite Activities:  I have a little Shih Tzu named Buddy that is my copilot.  I love concerts in the summer, cookouts, traveling to exotic destinations, road trips, good friends, good food, and good times. Hardback library books at the beach – historical fiction, crime or suspense like Dean Koontz, Nelson DeMille, James Patterson, etc…

Worst Pick Up Line:  I don’t think I’ve ever had a pickup line per say.  I had one client keep trying to strike up a conversation insisting he had seen me dining at this great sushi place.  It backfired on him, because I do not eat sushi, I had never been to this place and it just came off as creepy, the more he tried to insist.eros-atlanta-veronica-top-rated-gfe-fo1_578x420

Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  On the side of the Interstate with a flat tire!

What Approach Do You Prefer:  Be genuine, talk to me, smile and laugh with me.

Turn Ons:  Flowers, neck kisses, forehead kisses. Knowing when each is appropriate – neck kisses are lusty while forehead kisses make me feel like I’m in the most comforting, safe place in the world. Great while snuggling! Remembering something I say or mention.  Doing your “research” to know a little something about me – I melt when I hear that.  Anything thoughtful or a little gift is also nice.

Turn offs:  Hmmm, Bad Hygiene.

Guilty Pleasures:  Frozen lemonade, Chanel, a great cocktail on a restaurant patio with friends on a spring afternoon.  My Rabbit – the battery operated kind!  Falling asleep at the beach in a lounge chair with my legs in the water & a book in my lap.veronica 2

Funny Story:   This was a tough one, but I have a hilarious story from one of my first times touring in NYC.  I was with Emma Dupree, a touring provider from another city, and we were going from Midtown Manhattan to Secaucus – we had coordinated our travel to be in NYC at the same time and we were both going to visit Secaucus for the first time.  Well, I am notoriously well prepared and being a Delta Medallion Member, I had taken full advantage of the extra weight allowance on my two large suitcases.  We were told that the best way to Secaucus was not a taxi nor a car service – as that would be the wrong way to go.  First thing I should have realized was not correct, but to just walk the few blocks down to the Port Authority and take the bus straight there.  After winding our way through the Large Port Authority Bus Station, we reached some deserted outer terminal cul-de-sac where we had to traverse this bizarrely narrow escalator to get to where our bus was apparently waiting.  The escalator was so narrow that I had to turn my suitcases sideways and prop them on the stair – one in front and one behind me – just to get them to fit. I went up first and I was partway up the escalator when the larger suitcase below me started pulling me down, while the one above/ahead of me was hooked around my wrist and up several stairs.  I ended up wiping out on the escalator, my larger suitcase pulling me down – luckily I had turned so my knees not my back ended up on the escalator.  I finally got unattached from the larger suitcase as it pounded out of control down the escalator below me.  Thank goodness Emma had waited before boarding the escalator and was not crushed by it flying down.  I laugh recalling clearly her with her arms open and her hands outstretched like a hockey goalie, which was ready to catch it.  I was still attached to the one above me and we were both laughing so hard that we were crying!  This made it hard to get up as I reached the top, since my head was facing downhill and the contents of my purse were scattered all down the escalator.  I was being shoved against my still intact suitcase as it was wedged at the top, having semi turned during the upset.  Despite a few scrapes, I went back down and got my larger suitcase and Emma and I both reached the top of this tiny escalator intact and ran for our bus.  Prepared as I was – I had band aids for my knees that I applied as I reassembled myself and my purse on the 15 minute bus ride.  My clients that day, got a funny story of my scraped knees.  We still laugh our heads off just picturing what happened!  It was shocking, painful, embarrassing and hilarious – thank gah no one was around!  Something I’ll never forget.

P.S. I have NEVER again taken the bus to Secaucus or anywhere for that matter.  LOL!

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